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On December 27th, 2016, "I site - Sina home South China thought party" was held at Sheraton Hotel, Huadu, Guangzhou

on December 27, 2016, "I site - Sina home South China thought party" was held at Sheraton Hotel, Huadu, Guangzhou

this is a big party in the home furnishing industry with the theme of Internet, industry and innovation, to explore the most cutting-edge trends in the home furnishing industry. Mr. Qin Shilong, from the Training Department of Xinhaoxuan business school, was invited to attend the event on behalf of the company

"a good brand is a series of good stories"

Foshan Xinhaoxuan door industry Co., Ltd. is not only a sonorous name in the door and window industry, but also a resounding brand. Xinhaoxuan company was founded in 2003. After more than ten years of development, it has aluminum alloy door companies, solid wood composite doors, stainless steel explosion-proof doors, etc

the company has a group of powerful, tactile, contemporary and creative production technicians, complete production equipment, and an international top design team, so it has a strong comprehensive development and production capacity that can stand out from its peers. At the same time, adhering to the enterprise tenet of "quality first, customer first" and the enterprise spirit of "unity, innovation and dedication", we will develop towards the enterprise goal of "being a first-class enterprise and creating a world famous brand"

in 2016, many historic events have taken place in Xinhaoxuan

new deployment of the company's marketing strategy. In 2016, the biggest highlight of Xinhaoxuan brand became the first brand in the aluminum alloy door and window industry to launch annual advertisements during the golden period of CCTV-1. This strategy is the first step to raise the brand height of Xinhaoxuan

followed by waves of brand themed sports "grand feast" in the domestic market. Guizhou station, Hunan Hubei station, Sichuan Chongqing station, Jiangxi station, Guangxi Yunnan Station, Shanxi Station, Henan Anhui station and Guangdong station have been staged in the national market. They have not only achieved excellent results, but also greatly improved brand awareness

the market consumer groups are becoming younger, and the demand for personalized customization of door and window products is stronger. Moreover, the younger groups are familiar with the network, and the network strength of the company plays an important role. Many door and window companies either choose to join the well-known B2C platform, or choose to build their own B2C platform. After more than three years of preparation, Xinhaoxuan's own B2C platform is also about to be launched into the market. We will combine the advantages of the Internet and the power of terminal outlets to strengthen the speed of brand development

Xinhaoxuan company will uphold the purpose of "quality first, customer first", pursue excellence, never stop, forge ahead, push through the old and bring forth the new, and wholeheartedly provide first-class products and first-class services for thousands of households! Thank you for the full support of the major media and the love of the majority of consumers




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