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When making doors and windows, we must pay attention to the system engineering block of each production link. Yimeide door and window details achieve high quality - from German ingenuity. Join hotline 4006-0757-98

many times, we often hear people complain that doors and windows are so inflexible because of the quality of rubber strips and profiles, the accuracy of notches, the processing accuracy of corner assembly, etc., but we ignore an important component - hardware accessories. The quality of doors and windows is determined by a series of complete quality assurance systems. When making doors and windows, we must pay attention to the system engineering blocks of each production link. Imede doors and windows???? http://www.ymddoor.cn/???? Details make high quality - from German ingenuity


the design of aluminum alloy doors and windows is first of all the architectural design of door and window performance. With the goal of meeting the functional requirements of the building, the performance and related design requirements of aluminum alloy doors and windows are reasonably determined, and hardware accessories are the key components that determine the performance of doors and windows. The architectural design of doors and windows is based on the aesthetics of the whole house and the wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other properties of the area. Just think, according to the physical and mechanical properties of doors and windows (opening and closing force, repeated opening and closing), which one has nothing to do with the hardware accessories of doors and windows

the lock points and lock seats of hardware accessories are distributed around the whole door and window. When the doors and windows are locked, the lock points and lock seats are firmly buckled together and matched with the hinges (hinges) or sliding braces to produce a strong sealing and pressing force, so that the sealing strip can be elastically deformed, so as to provide sufficient sealing performance for the doors and windows, and make the leaves and frames form a whole, which can greatly improve the performance of the doors and windows. Similarly, the mechanical performance indicators of door and window folding (opening and closing force, repeated opening and closing) and other opening and closing requirements are also inseparable from the requirements of hardware accessories. Hardware accessories are the components responsible for the close connection between the frame and the leaf of the door and window. Without its existence, the door and window will only become a dead leaf, which will lose the significance of the door and window

people in the industry say that the door and window system of yimeide is good. The main purpose of choosing German door and window system is to improve the home life experience of consumers. We should know that a good door and window system is not only more smooth and handy in use, but also can resist the damage of extreme weather to the interior. The quality of hardware directly affects the comfort and service life of doors and windows, and also has a lot of impact on energy conservation

the professional door and window hardware system from Germany is adopted for the doors and windows of imede system. After excellent surface treatment process, it can quickly and permanently inhibit the growth of microorganisms. After surface quality assurance treatment, it does not need special maintenance, and its corrosion resistance is more effective and lasting. The system has a high degree of coordination, and the perfect design is closely combined with ergonomic related technologies. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 120kg, which meets the requirements of large high-end doors and windows. The cycle experiments of windows for 20000 times and doors for 200000 times ensure a longer time of trouble free and flexible use

Imade doors and windows infuses the rigorous and detail oriented spirit of German architecture into the R & D and production of doors and windows, creating an isolated and continuous artistic conception, dividing the user's home layout into different functional blocks, and each block is connected with each other to form a theme space, so as to provide customers with a more harmonious and better life




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