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On October 20, 2018, morden curtain Tangxia and Yingde stores were officially opened

on October 20, 2018,

moreDon Tangxia and Yingde stores were officially opened

continuous success, and the future is expected.

moreDon has 600 + franchised service stores nationwide.

never forget the original intention, keep in mind the concept of attentive service,

continue to move forward and pursue the best quality

behind this bright scenery, we can't do without everyone's efforts.

thank you for your company all the way.

let molden bravely pursue his dream without fear of wind and rain

wonderful moment review, beautiful moment focus

outside the decorated and festive stores, the crowd surged,

molden is destined to be the focus of attention of the whole audience today,

everyone came from all directions to watch molden bloom

there are also major home furnishing brands who send their sincere wishes to mourden.

this moving and happy life is only willing to be with you

with the appearance of the host, the opening ceremony is ready to go.

the audience on the scene is full of expectation, cheering and bustling

the grand ribbon cutting ceremony, the opening ceremony officially began

moreden Yingde store

moreden Tangxia store

then, President Liu delivered a congratulatory message for the opening ceremony,

full of affection, resounding,

infected the onlookers on the scene, and applauded

then, the blockbuster program, lion dance performance, came on stage

looking back, crouching, wagging his head and tail,

various forms, interesting,

added a rich happy atmosphere,

immersed and intoxicated

benefits are shared with you and happiness is accompanied by you.

moreden brand is growing stronger and stronger,

thanks to everyone's trust and support

although it is an opening ceremony, it is also a Thanksgiving and feedback activity

after reading out the discount activities,

the audience was in high spirits and all kinds of excitement

entered the store one after another to enjoy moreden curtain products

elegant, luxurious, gorgeous, exquisite, simple...

there are many styles and rich categories,

originality and competition

a beautiful visual feast built with fabric art and creativity

from everyone's happy expression, we can see our satisfaction with this activity

the climax of the whole activity is, of course, smashing golden eggs

hammering down, good luck goes with it,

golden eggs are broken, all are concessions

finally, the activity ended in a lot of laughter

a hard work, a harvest,

eighteen years of growth, we have forged a brand,

eighteen years of hard work, we have shaped authority

in the years to come, moreDon has the confidence and strength to bring you a better product experience and create brilliance

molden curtain

molden adheres to the corporate purpose of building a brand in China's home soft decoration industry, provides consumers with high-end customized services for overall home soft decoration, and creates a noble, luxurious, elegant and fashionable personalized home

morden perfectly presents the brand concept and image, and shapes the brand influence of home soft decoration; The new o2o online and offline sales model enables customers to enjoy a convenient and fast shopping experience

after more than ten years of development, morden has a perfect management system. We have a first-class soft decoration product design and image space design team, which can be customized according to the different requirements of customers, so that different ideas can be perfectly displayed. We use the most professional fashion tentacles to fully show the artistic atmosphere in every corner of the space. The soft decoration home accessories are professionally matched from the overall style to shape the image and details of the room in an all-round way, highlighting the distinctive and unique personality

(source: molden overall soft)




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