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The total investment is 1.2 billion yuan! Harbin has ushered in a super glass bottle project

in this warm spring April, on the land of the bungalow area of Harbin new area, the sound of cutting, welding and hammering are rising one after another, a lively scene, and the construction of key industrial projects "coming in spring" has broken ground

the bungalow area of Harbin new area has made every effort to promote the top 100 projects in 11 provinces, with a total planned investment of 12.97 billion yuan, and a planned investment of 3.139 billion yuan this year; 37 municipal key industrial projects, with a total planned investment of 17.85 billion yuan, are planned to invest 4.382 billion yuan this year. With a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, Harbin always has a high-speed but no low-speed or a low-speed but no high-speed scale 600000 T/a intelligent green lightweight glass bottle production base project, which is a municipal key production project for the resumption of work in the bungalow area this year. These seemingly endless trivial business projects

recently, we saw at the construction site that the workers have successively entered the plant and are carrying out equipment commissioning. It is expected that the whole project will be completed in October this year and put into production before December

it is understood that the food industry is one of the three leading industries in the bungalow area, with a relatively complete industrial chain of food processing, packaging, warehousing and transportation. Jiusan group, YIHAI KERRY, Budweiser InBev, Coca Cola, Master Kong and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have settled in the zone, so there is a huge space for industrial supporting market. At present, glass bottles for beer, condiment and Baijiu in Heilongjiang Province are purchased from Hebei and other places. After the completion of the 600000 T/a intelligent green lightweight glass bottle production base, the supporting radius of bungalow area and even food enterprises in Heilongjiang Province will be further shortened, the cost of only one set of fixture will be greatly reduced, and the industrial chain will be supplemented

"grasping projects means grasping development, and seeking projects means seeking the future." Songboyan, director of the administrative committee of Harbin Economic Development Zone and head of Pingfang District, introduced that among the 37 municipal key industrial projects in the zone, 22 projects involved in high-end equipment manufacturing, green food and new generation information technology, with a total planned investment of 7.84 billion yuan, accounting for 43.9%

"these projects have the characteristics of good growth and broad market space, which are highly consistent with the development strategy of the bungalow area." Songboyan said that the construction of these projects will play a positive role in promoting the expansion and strengthening of the industrial chain and the strengthening of upstream and downstream industries in the region

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