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Hard work under high temperature - hard work under high temperature - German forklift under the scorching sun - German forklift under the scorching sun in hydraulic rotation

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in July, Dezhou entered a continuous high temperature weather, and the outdoor heat was unbearable and hot! extremely hot! Is the only feeling outside. In the continuous high temperature weather, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production, forklift workers fight on the production line in an inherent rhythm and way

hard work under high temperature - followed by - German forklift workers under the scorching sun

hard work under high temperature - German forklift workers under the scorching sun

"sit down like an oven, head on the scorching sun" is a perfect description of the forklift workers' working environment. In the hot sun outside the head, forklift workers toss between the workshop and the freight yard. The engine of the forklift is sitting under the ass. once it is ignited, it is like "enjoying" the oven. Ignition, gear shifting, traveling, reversing, turning, forking, lifting, landing, and handling are all so skillful. Under the ravages of high temperature weather, I can see sweat falling down my cheeks. The continuous high temperature has increased the burden, but the work progress of the forklift has never fallen, and it is still guaranteed to complete various operation tasks every day

the German workers timely organized the distribution of heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies for the front-line workers, told everyone to pay attention to strengthening protection to ensure their own safety, and thanked the employees for their hard work and selfless dedication. A love, a warmth, condensed together is a powerful driving force, pushing us forward

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