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On the second day of the opening of the Harbin Science and Technology Association, a total of 20 projects were signed, including 17 signed in Harbin. Coating technology, breeding technology of new varieties of golden berries and blueberries, a new generation of large-scale interactive "Star Community" technology, nanostructures for drinking water and sewage purification and treatment are widely used in household appliances, packaging materials, building facilities, medical devices and other fields. Selective adsorption and water 1 The projects of fully automatic metal stretching and ATP program controlled coagulant material production technology based on incomplete statistics, and new organic dye synthesis technology for blue light-emitting diodes are high-tech projects with international advanced level. Over the past two days since the opening of the Harbin Science and technology conference, representatives from domestic provinces and cities and from all walks of life in Harbin, especially from enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes, have enthusiastically attended the conference. More than 2600 people have attended the exhibition, and a total of 670 people from 305 units have held on-site negotiations with foreign parties. The Chinese and foreign sides have signed 33 contracts on medical high molecular materials without plasticizer and replaceable PVC, such as phenylethylene thermoplastic elastomers, Harbin has signed 23 contracts in total

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