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With the continuous development of the national economy and water transportation, the trend of large-scale ships is becoming more and more obvious, and the passing volume of ships is increasing year by year. However, due to the relative lag of some management links and the blind pursuit of maximizing the interests of crew members, unfair competition means such as opportunism, concealing tonnage and evading payment of fees have also emerged, seriously infringing on the national interests. According to the statistics of Huai'an and Huaiyin ship lock management offices of Northern Jiangsu Navigation Management Office of Jiangsu Provincial Department of communications of the Beijing Hangzhou canal, in 2009, the two ship lock management offices released a total of 417500 ships, with a total tonnage of 106.98 million tons, and collected a gate passing fee of 59.4799 million yuan. Among them, 3055 ships were checked, accounting for 0.73% of the total number of ships passing through the lock. It was found that 56300 tons of gross tonnage had been concealed, and 141300 yuan of gate passing fee had been levied; From May 12 to June 27, 2009, the provincial Waterway Bureau Group generally carried out the measurement and review of the ship billing base and the inspection of the overload fee by making high-strength polyester filament. The Subei navigation management office reviewed a total of 8900 ships, reported and modified 2350 ship billing bases, increased the ship billing base by 135000 tons, and collected and supplemented the gate clearance fee of 280000 yuan. It can be seen from this that the loss caused by the concealment of tonnage of ships to the channel fees can not be ignored

1 the harm of concealing tonnage of a ship

the so-called concealing tonnage of a ship means that the actual cargo volume (or gross tonnage of the ship) that a ship can carry is greater than the allowable tonnage (or gross tonnage) in the navigation certificate. When purchasing the channel fees, it is only based on the charging value specified in the navigation certificate. On the surface, concealing tonnage of a ship is just a crew member trying to evade paying the fees and gate fees, but the harm to the operation and management of the ship lock is far more than that, It mainly shows that:

1.1 causes dispatching error of remote dispatching station. Due to the concealment of tonnage, the ships that can enter the gate in theory are dispatched to enter the gate, but can not enter the gate in practice, resulting in chaos in operation. On August 24, 2009, the remote dispatching station of Huaiyin ship lock registered 6 cargo ships, 42 of the total tons, 1 of the total tons and 3 of the total tons. According to the gross tonnage and scale of the ship registered in the certificate, the dispatcher calculated that the No. 2 lock of the Institute has an effective length of 216 meters and a clear width of 23 meters. The lock can be dispatched at one time, and the dispatcher has implemented the dispatching according to the regulations. However, the actual volume has only entered 4 traditional ships. Jigu has a very flexible advantage in goods preparation and supply. Two ships have been poured out through negotiation with the crew, and the next lock passes through, wasting 30 minutes of the operation time of the lock. According to the investigation, the information recorded in the certificate of a luzhaozhuang cargo ship dispatched by the lock is 45m long, 9.0m wide and 433 gross tons, but the actual ship entering the lock is 67.0m long, 13.6m wide and 1260 gross tons measured by the maritime department on site

1.2 it is easy to get caught and sink ships. Due to the concealment of tonnage and size of the ship, the ship that can pass through one lock cannot pass. In order to ensure that its own ship can pass through, the crew will compete with each other, causing collision, blocking and even more serious shipwreck accidents. At the same time, due to concealing the ship's dimensions, it is also very easy to cause accidents such as shallow ship Pavilion and water leakage at low water level. On july14,2008, a Suyan cargo ship with a registered gross tonnage of 108 tons, 23.5 meters long, 5 meters wide and a draft of 2.3m was launched at gate 3 of a certain sluice. When entering the lock, it was found that the ship's certificate was not in conformity with the ship's certificate. It was rechecked on site. The actual length of the ship was 69 meters, the width was 13.6 meters, the draft was 4.2 meters, and the total tonnage was 1200 tons. After leaving the lock, the ship was shallow due to deviation from the main channel, resulting in water leakage at the bottom of the ship. After that, the ship lock staff tried their best to rescue the beach, so as to avoid the channel ship sinking accident. After inquiry, the ship was a new ship just leaving the factory, loaded with about 3000 tons of yellow sand, and used its own old ship's certificate

1.3 reduce the service efficiency of sluice chamber. The ships often conceal the tonnage and the length and width. The ship lock scheduling is implemented according to the landing scale of the certificate. If it is found that the dispatched ships cannot pass through the first lock, it is difficult to take remedial measures, so the ships that have not passed through the lock have to be rescheduled. Waste of lock chamber volume

1.4 unfair competition. Due to ships' concealment of tonnage and opportunism, the national transportation management fee, navigation maintenance fee, cargo surcharge, visa fee, gate clearance fee and other fees have been lost in large quantities, and have flowed into private pockets, enriching individuals and harming the interests of the state. Compared with the law-abiding crew, there is an invisible competition that does not judge whether a material is transparent and legitimate

1.5 it is easy to induce unhealthy tendencies in the industry. In order to avoid inspection, vessels that conceal tonnage often use abnormal means such as "managing links" in an attempt to muddle through and induce unhealthy tendencies in the industry

1.6 damage the reputation of the ship lock. The concealment of tonnage of ships brings difficulties to the implementation of lock allocation and release. When arranging the lock scheduling plan according to the login information for the lock with a large number of ships to be locked, there are often situations that the arrangement is reasonable but can not be implemented, which is very easy to cause contradictions between the lock and the crew, and damage the reputation of the lock. At the same time, the actual size of the same ship, resulting in inconsistent fees and charges, damaged the overall image of the ship lock, but also damaged the overall image of water transport management

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