Hardware and software design of the governor for t

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Hardware and software design of p00 hydraulic turbine governor

in this paper, pp41 (integration of controller and operation III board) of 2003 series produced by baccalais company is selected as the hardware platform of hydraulic turbine governor. The frequency measurement link or replacement components use the high-speed counting of the TPU module in the PCC controller to directly measure the frequency. The TPU function module includes the TPU operating system, TPU configuration and TPU program module to complete specific functions. The shaping and amplification circuit shapes the machine frequency and frequency signals into square wave signals of the same frequency, which are sent to the input channel of TPU after photoelectric isolation. The channel is set on the software. By calling the frequency measurement function block and running the frequency measurement program, the machine frequency and frequency values and their phase differences can be obtained. This frequency measurement method does not need external hardware circuit, and avoids the delay in the process of data transmission, which greatly improves the reliability and real-time performance

analog output module a0352 has 2 channels of ± Lo V or 0-20 mA analog output, which is used to output the control signal of guide vane opening. The analog input module al 354 has four 0-20 mA analog input channels, which are used for the feedback of the main servomotor of the guide vane and blade of the unit, the feedback of the main pressure distribution valve of the guide vane and the input of load setting. The digital quantity output module d0135 has 4-channel switching quantity output, which is used to control the guide vane and blade electro-hydraulic converter. Digital input module dl439, which has L6 channels of switching input, is used for the input of switching values such as guide vane and blade manual automatic switching, local and remote opening increase and decrease, blade opening presetting, control selection, tracking load setting, etc. with a year-on-year growth of 8.64% During the operation of this machine, it is necessary to avoid opening the box door as much as possible, because it is easy to cause ice sealing of the internal evaporator and other parts when the box door is opened at low temperature, especially the lower the temperature is, the more serious the state is. If it must be opened, the time should be shortened as much as possible. Connect module if311 to communicate with upper computer

2 software design of p00 hydraulic turbine governor

this paper uses the automationstudi0 software developed by B & L as the development platform, and selects ANSI C as the programming language. Taking full advantage of the characteristics of PCC's time-sharing multitask operating system, we will continue to witness the potential of graphene technology to bring market fluctuations and reform and innovation. According to the different operating conditions of the hydraulic turbine, we will compile the corresponding control subroutine, which will be called through a timed main program, and the various control tasks of the hydraulic turbine governor will be divided into different task levels. The measurement time of frequency measurement has high time requirements, so it is placed in the high-speed task layer. The calculation of control parameters and analog input and output of each working condition have high real-time requirements due to the limitation of calculation step size, so they are placed in cycle task layer 1. The display interface of each parameter can be appropriately relaxed due to the low time requirements, so they are placed in cycle task layer 3. As shown in Figure 1 software structure diagram. These program blocks run independently of each other, and the data are related to each other. They run in parallel in the scheduling management of the multi task operating system, and jointly realize the control requirements of the project

using the real data of a power station for closed-loop operation, the designed and developed hydraulic turbine governor is simulated. The unit is in a large system state. The relationship between speed and guide vane opening during parachute load rejection is shown in Figure 2, and the relationship between water pressure and guide vane opening is shown in Figure 3

All parameters used in the figure are represented by relative values. The thick line is the guide vane opening line. From the test results, it can be verified that the developed control software of hydraulic turbine governor can be used for the task of hydraulic turbine regulation

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