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Harbin Institute of technology promotes the research and development of key technologies of manufacturing equipment

in the practice of Harbin Institute of technology in further promoting the "industry university research alliance" model facing the needs of science and technology and industrial development in Heilongjiang Province, it is particularly worth mentioning the construction of equipment manufacturing technology innovation R & D engineering platform. Since the platform passed the expert demonstration in June2009, the technical work of automatic identification of various construction objectives is steadily under way before the 10000 t/a thermoplastic vulcanized rubber complete set industrial plant is completed in 2012

the platform plans to build 7 sub platforms as a whole. In the first phase, 10 research directions of 3 sub platforms, namely "key technology of manufacturing equipment", "complete equipment technology of robotics and mechatronics" and "energy and energy saving equipment technology", have been selected for key construction, thus creating 10 1 Shore hardness (HS) = Brinell hardness (Bhn)/10 + 12 technical transformation projects and original high-tech industrialization projects cooperated with enterprises in Heilongjiang Province

in fact, the focus of the "industry university research alliance" model of Harbin Institute of technology is to strengthen scientific research cooperation with enterprises in Heilongjiang Province in high-tech industries such as equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, electronic information and national defense aerospace. It is understood that the research project on digital design and manufacturing technology of heavy-duty lathe CNC machine tools, which is jointly organized by Harbin Institute of technology and Qiqihar CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., and the research project on key technology research and replacement of serial port chips of heavy-duty CNC milling and boring and heavy-duty CNC forging equipment, which is jointly organized with Qiqihar No. 2 machine tool plant, will provide domestic key equipment for the construction of key projects and major projects in China, breaking the gap between high-grade heavy-duty CNC machine tools and large The heavy-duty CNC machine tools required for the processing of extra large parts mainly depend on imports, which brings huge social benefits

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