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The current situation and trend analysis of the development of Shenzhen robot industry in 2019 the annual output value is close to 120 billion yuan

in recent years, the robot industry in Shenzhen has become increasingly mature, and the large-scale benefits of various industrial cluster regions and some individual enterprises have gradually emerged. The robot industry has rapidly developed into a strategic emerging industry in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen has become the city with the most complete robot industry chain in the country

the number of enterprises with an output value of nearly 120 billion reached 649

on April 11, 2019, Shenzhen Robot Association released the 2018 white paper on the development of Shenzhen robot industry. The report shows that in 2018, the total output value of Shenzhen's robot industry increased to 117.8 billion yuan, close to 120 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 13.8%. In recent years, the total output value of Shenzhen robot industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 10%. The number of robot enterprises in Shenzhen increased from 594 in 2017 to 649 in 2018. Shenzhen is located in the Pearl River Delta region, where manufacturing enterprises are concentrated, and labor-intensive industries such as electronic manufacturing, food packaging, ceramic production are gathered, making this region one of the regions with the most concentrated labor input in China, providing a broad application market for machine replacement

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chart 2: the number and growth rate of robot enterprises in Shenzhen in (%)

Bao'an District contributes the most to the output value of Nanshan District, where robot enterprises gather.

in recent years, the robot industry in Bao'an District has developed rapidly, and the growth rate ranks first in all districts of Shenzhen. In 2018, the largest number of robot enterprises was in Bao'an District, which is the most traditional market for plastic bottles, accounting for 39% of the total number of robot enterprises in Shenzhen. Robot is one of the key industries in Bao'an. Many traditional manufacturing enterprises hope to complete the transformation and upgrading through the research and development and equipment of robots and related products. At present, the products of Baoan robot enterprise cover industrial robots, industrial robots, etc. Among them, there are 20 enterprises whose annual output value of robots (including automation equipment) exceeds 10 million, and 7 enterprises of Zhongyuan technology and Jintuo have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. On February 1st, 2019, the technology innovation alliance of robot industry in Bao'an District was established, which is of positive significance to promote the development of robot industry in Bao'an District

from the perspective of total output value, Nanshan District ranked first in succession, with the largest contribution to output value, accounting for 40%. Nanshan District, as an advanced manufacturing R & D base, has a solid foundation and technological R & D capacity for the development of robot and intelligent equipment industry. Shenzhen's first robot industrial park has also been settled in this area. In addition, Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park is the 2.6 result reproduction function of artificial intelligence and robot Enterprises: after the experimental operation is completed and saved, many science and technology enterprises have settled in the park

industrial robots still account for the main market share, and service robots are developing rapidly.

robots defined in the 2018 white paper on the development of robot industry in Shenzhen refer to products, equipment, instruments and complete systems with sensing, decision-making, execution and other functions based on modern sensing technology, network technology, automation mechanism, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. It mainly includes industrial robots (including integrated systems) and service robots (including special, entertainment, education, etc.). At present, industrial robots are still the mainstream in the robot industry in Shenzhen, with an output value of 83.8 billion yuan in 2018, accounting for 71% of the market share, but a decrease of 2 percentage points from 2017. Shanxi Juhua technology aluminum based new materials is a high-tech enterprise in Hejin this year. The development advantage of Shenzhen service robot is higher than that of industrial robot. It has formed a sound industrial chain, gradually formed its own brand in the subdivision field of system integration, and established a large number of high-level innovation carriers. Although service robots have not become a necessity of daily life, with the breakthrough and popularization of artificial intelligence technology, service robots are increasingly entering thousands of households, and the market scale continues to grow. In 2018, the output value of Shenzhen service robot industry was about 34billion yuan, an increase of 21.79% compared with 2017, and the growth rate of output value was faster than that of industrial robots

chart 6: comparison of output growth rate of industrial robots and service robots in Shenzhen in (unit:%)

three advantages will promote the sustained and rapid development of robots in Shenzhen

1. Geographical advantages

as a large manufacturing country, China is currently experiencing a demographic dividend recession. Facing the reduction of labor force, machine replacement has become a generally recognized trend in the industry. Shenzhen is located in the key position of the Pearl River Delta, where labor-intensive industries are concentrated, and the demand for machine replacement is relatively large. Not only that, Shenzhen is also the hub of China Unicom's manufacturing market and overseas international market, with both application and sales advantages

2. Policy advantages

the identity of the Special Economic Zone enables Shenzhen to have a unique innovation mechanism and earlier opportunities for robot applications. Shenzhen's policy advantages have always played a role. At present, the policy release represented by the "outline of the development plan for the Greater Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao" and the proposal of the construction of the Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao scientific and technological innovation corridor have once again placed Shenzhen in an important position in the development of the robot industry

3. Technological advantages

robot enterprises in Shenzhen have the advantages of large quantity and high quality. At present, scientific and technological innovation in Shenzhen is mainly concentrated in the eight key areas of new generation information technology, new energy technology, intelligent manufacturing technology, new material technology, life science and biotechnology, aerospace technology, biological environmental protection technology, marine science and technology, and has supported a number of domestic enterprises on this basis, Driven by leading enterprises, the development of robot enterprises in Shenzhen is particularly powerful

the above data analysis is from the "analysis report on the development prospects and investment strategic planning of China's service robot industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute

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