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The development status of flexographic printing machinery in the domestic printing market

since 1995, there have been more than 150 narrow width unit flexographic printing machines in China, almost all over the major provinces and cities of the country. In addition to Mai andI, Lianhe and Xianfeng, the imported equipment suppliers also include yajiafa, Edie, essoma, Concord and other manufacturers. Except for a small amount of imported equipment used for printing self-adhesive and labels, others are mainly used for printing cigarette boxes and wine labels, and less involve other products

the number of imported suppliers is concentrated, and the after-sales service is weak: imported machines enter the Chinese market at an average annual rate of more than 30, and are concentrated in the supply of twoorthree suppliers. The annual sales volume of flexographic machines of individual suppliers reaches 20, and there are many vacuum exhaust devices. The after-sales service is often not in place and not in time, which leads to the delay in the normal operation of the flexographic press introduced by some printing plants, and the printing quality cannot reach the due level. About one third of the existing imported equipment belongs to the above situation. This has also had a negative impact on the introduction and promotion of flexo printing in China in order to accelerate the development of new projects and certification in cooperation with customers

domestic unit flexographic printing machines have made rapid progress: the rapid introduction of imported unit flexographic printing machines has not only provided information to the domestic printing machine manufacturing industry, but also attracted the attention of relevant national competent departments. A special meeting was held to study countermeasures and guide and support domestic printing machine manufacturers to develop and develop narrow width unit type multi-functional flexo printing machines. The seven companies that have started to produce narrow width unit type multi-functional flexo printing machines are: Shanxi Taihang printing machine factory (Taihang); Shaanxi printing machine factory; Beiren Fuji; Shanghai Ziguang; Xi'an Heiniu printing machine factory; Wuxi Baonan printing machine factory; Wenzhou Shenli printing machine factory

based on the domestic potential market, it is entirely possible to sell 150 unit flexographs in the next five years. Moreover, the price of domestic machines is about 2million, only half to one third of that of imported machines

problems and solutions:

after sales service: to maintain the sustainable development of the unit type flexo printing machine in China, the printing machine factory must first do a good job in after-sales service, so as to ensure that users can quickly put into production and operate normally after purchasing the machine

education and training

quickly change the current situation that there is no place to hire skilled operators, and form an abundant talent market. So that the flexographic printing factory has the ability to operate independently and solve problems, while realistically imparting the supporting knowledge and equipment supply channels of flexographic printing. Supporting equipment at present, the supporting equipment required for flexo printing, such as plates, inks, embossing rollers and rotary die cutters, has basically met the needs, except that some high-end inks rely on imports, among which Dove chocolate has moths, and the rotary die cutter is still blank. Therefore, the development of round die cutters with acceptable prices should be included in the agenda. Not only steel knives for mass use, but also sheet cutters with low prices that can be used together with magnetic rollers should be produced, so that the unit flexographic press can play a greater role and win a larger market share

the development field of domestic flexo printing machines - the efficiency of folding fuel can be improved by 6% to 8%. Folding carton

the domestic development of narrow width unit flexo printing machines has only been five years. Although they have begun to be accepted, they are still widely used in cigarette boxes and wine label printing. Among them, the traditional gravure printing has been gradually replaced in the short version cigarette box printing. The soft and hard packaging cartons of small and medium-sized tobacco factories in Southwest China, Shandong and other places, which are rich in tobacco, have successively adopted flexographic printing technology. Beer is a market with a very large consumption in China, and the processing of beer labels with flexographic printing machines has developed rapidly. In order to further expand the market, it is necessary to provide one of the important factors for the rapid development of the market in food, medicine, household chemicals and sanitary products

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