Development status of ABS resin in the United Stat

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Development status of ABS resin in the United States

the three major ABS resin manufacturers in the United States account for about 7% of the total production capacity of the United States. Among them, GE Plastics accounted for 50.4%, Bayer for 24.9%, and Dow Chem for 21.7%. Among the three major ABS manufacturers, GE products are mainly for the pipe and small parts market, Bayer products are mainly for the bulk product market, and Dow Chem is the main supplier in the electronic and electrical market. These three competitors also account for significant shares in the automotive market. American drilling ABS manufacturers attach importance to the development of new products to adapt to market changes, especially the demand of ABS alloy market with rapid growth. ABS resin manufacturers also pay attention to product development to expand the market, especially the automobile and electrical appliances market

2003 ~ 2 production of single and double (multi) component polyurethane waterproof coatings. The demand for ABS in the United States in 2005 is expected to be close to the average annual growth rate of GNP, that is, 2.3%. Some cheap materials have replaced the share of ABS in the durable consumer goods market, and the ABS market has a downward trend. However, due to the emergence of some new ABS resins and their alloys, the application market of ABS has been expanded, resulting in the continued growth of the demand for ABS in the United States. This trend is expected to continue until 2005

the processing technology of American ABS resin is divided into injection molding, extrusion and extruded sheet thermoforming. The output of ABS injection molded products is about 363 thousand tons, mainly in the fields of automotive parts, commercial equipment, and consumer electronic equipment; The output of ABS extruded products is about 182 kilotons, of which 136 kilotons are extruded sheets. The consumption of ABS in the consumer sheet market is estimated to be about 91 kilotonnes. The remaining extruded rather than rapidly accumulated and discharged products are ABS pipes

American household appliances consume about 143 thousand tons of ABS resin, accounting for about 23% of the total consumption of ABS, of which nearly 55% is used to produce large household appliances, and the rest is used for small household appliances. In large household appliances, about 2/3 of ABS manufactures thermoformed doors and freezers for refrigerators. In North America, about 113-136 thousand tons of styrene resins are used in the production of refrigerators every year. Hips and ab exports are growing steadily, and s competes in this regard. Moreover, in the industry, high-efficiency impact polystyrene resin suitable for HCFCs is being developed, and the competition continues

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