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Development status of corrugated box industry in Guangdong continued

2. Development trend of corrugated box industry in Guangdong

① products are developing in the direction of giving full play to packaging functions

packaging has seven functions: protecting commodities, beautifying commodities, saving costs, facilitating storage and transportation, facilitating measurement, guiding consumption, and improving added value. To sum up, there are two categories: one is functionality, which embodies the essence of packaging; The other is value-added, which promotes the sales of goods, and shows the charm and effect of packaging. In the past, corrugated boxes were mainly used as transportation packaging to protect goods and achieve functional purposes. With the development of economy and the improvement of packaging requirements for commodities, corrugated boxes should not only play a functional role, but also play a value-added role. Therefore, corrugated boxes are developing from simply used as transportation packaging in the past to both transportation packaging and sales packaging, a combination of the two

② production equipment is developing to high-end

corrugated box technical equipment is the foundation and support of corrugated box industry, and cardboard forming equipment is the key equipment, which is the symbol of the technical equipment level of carton production enterprises. Developed countries have already eliminated single-sided machines and single-sided machines, which is the development direction and inevitable trend. Today, the production line is also accelerating the upgrading, and gradually developing towards the direction of high-speed, high-efficiency, wide width, low consumption, closed and pollution-free, computer control and multi-function. For example, Shenzhen Huali Packaging Trade Co., Ltd. recently introduced the German gaobao 1.62m ultra large full open offset press, with a maximum paper feed size of 1200 × 1620mm, maximum printing speed 16000 sheets/h

③ gradually implement the production mode of centralized board and decentralized box making

centralized board manufacturing and decentralized box manufacturing reflect the professional division of labor and cooperation in socialized mass production, which is conducive to the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, in line with the law of survival of the fittest of market economy with complementary advantages and common development, and should be gradually implemented. At the same time, we should speed up the construction of the social credit system, actively and properly solve the difficulties and difficulties in the process of cooperation between the two sides, and make the coordinated development of board making enterprises and box making enterprises

④ pay attention to the structural changes of corrugated boxes

in recent years, the research on corrugated board structure has been strengthened at home and abroad, and a breakthrough has been made. One is the development of C-type corrugated board. It became popular in Europe last year, and the market responded enthusiastically. In the past, corrugated cardboard can only be printed on gravure printing machines. In order to get the effect of offset printing, the pre printed drawing paper can only be mounted on the exposed cardboard. The C-type corrugated board can be directly printed on the offset press, and it will not reduce or destroy the strength of the paper sample due to the compression and deformation of the pit lines, which can make the packaging design flexible and diverse, and the printing exquisite. G-type corrugated paper was originally used as a substitute for folding board, and now it is used as the protection and transportation packaging of small commodities. The second is to develop F-type and K-type corrugated board. In foreign countries, F-type corrugated board is used as the outer packaging of goods or container transportation packaging. Type K is extra large corrugated, which is used for heavy packaging. Third, the introduction of high-strength corrugated composite board. The paper board changes the horizontal arrangement structure of the traditional corrugated paper board, and innovatively adopts the vertical close arrangement structure of corrugated paper board. It not only has high strength, but also has excellent compression resistance, bending resistance and cushioning performance. It can replace heavy welcome new and old customers to buy their favorite product corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and wood packaging. It is a new type of environmental protection packaging material

the main problems existing in the corrugated box industry in Guangdong

1. The regional distribution is uneven

at the same time, the popularity of cruise ships and ferries is also increasing. The packaging industry is characterized by supporting industries that can achieve better color effects for other industries, so the distribution of packaging enterprises is often related to other leading industries. For example, there are many export-oriented enterprises and export commodities in Shenzhen and Dongguan, so the carton production enterprises are concentrated. There are more than 1000 carton manufacturers in Dongguan alone, and high-grade packaging, decoration and printing enterprises are also concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region. Because the products such as household appliances, food and drugs here are of high grade, they need corresponding packaging to match them. There are more than 300 private enterprises engaged in packaging and printing in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City; There are more than 400 packaging enterprises in Anbu Town, Chaozhou City. There are relatively few paper packaging enterprises in northern and western Guangdong, which are economically backward

2. Most enterprises are relatively small

in general, most packaging enterprises in Guangdong are still relatively small, and the number of large enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan is still 2. Do not let go sharply during operation, especially during unloading, to avoid severe vibration and affect the accuracy of the experimental machine

3. Backward technology and equipment are still in use

some small enterprises in northern and western Guangdong, which are economically backward, cannot implement quality standards due to backward technology and equipment. These enterprises still sell their products by means of relationship building, which may be the social background of the existence of backward technology and equipment

4. Repeated construction is relatively serious

often over a period of time, when the benefits of an enterprise are good, other enterprises in the same region follow suit, their products imitate each other, their equipment levels are roughly the same, and their technical forces dig around each other. This disorderly competition has led to the decline in the efficiency of the entire industry, and even some enterprises have gone bankrupt

5. The development capacity of new products and technologies is insufficient

whether in terms of development institutions, or in terms of human, material and financial resources invested, it is far behind developed countries. This is a serious factor restricting the development of corrugated box industry in the future

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