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Development status and prospects of biodegradable plastics for global packaging

with the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, some biodegradable plastics with use value have begun to appear, among which the most promising are thermoplastic starch, polylactic acid plastics and synthetic polyester

first, thermoplastic starch

thermoplastic starch is different from starch/polyethylene mixture. It is composed of 100% starch, Sometimes it is mixed with some other degradable substances "PU materials are developed to create a wide range of properties, so they are truly biodegradable materials. Most of these materials are made into foaming materials. In May 2001, biocorps company in the United States led Mr. to produce thermoplastic starch materials. The formulation of this energy and environmental development strategy, plastic cups are sold in the United States and around the world.

second, polylactic acid plastic

polylactic acid plastic is a material that has the most impact on the packaging industry. Most of these materials are Grain is used as raw material for fermentation synthesis. At present, there are also research institutions to develop paper, wood, crops and other materials to make them become fermentation raw materials, that is, to regularly check and revise materials for experimental machines. Since 1997, when Cargill and Dow of the United States jointly developed and produced PLA plastics, the global sales volume in 2002 was 130000 tons. Molded products can also be used alone, mainly including films, thermoformed food containers and beverage containers, and bottles. PLA products are mainly from the United States, and some companies in other countries produce high priced PLA gum pharmaceutical packaging products

III. polyester

polyester is divided into natural polyester and synthetic polyester. Natural polyester and ph-bv can be used for packaging, but their cost is about 10 times that of synthetic polyester. Although synthetic polyester is more expensive than other plastics, it is much cheaper than natural polyester, so it has a good market prospect. At present, DuPont has produced all kinds of packaging films and packaging supplies by using the newly developed synthetic polyester technology

at present, some other types of biodegradable plastics are still under development and have not been sold commercially. However, with the efforts of packaging researchers in various countries, the market share of biodegradable plastics will become larger and larger

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