How to arrange the workplace

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How to arrange the workplace

the place where workers use labor tools to process, inspect, transport and handle labor objects is called work place. The work site occupies a certain production area and has necessary machinery and equipment, tools, appliances and materials

the specific layout methods and requirements of the work site are:

(1) using the principle of man-machine engineering, according to the production process requirements, place the equipment, tools and materials in a proper fixed position in cooperation with local customers, so that the operator can take them easily and avoid looking for them

(2) according to the principles of psychology, physiology and aesthetics, establish a good working environment, with bright light, low noise, pleasant colors, fresh air, comfortable indoor climate and neat material placement

(3) according to the requirements of labor safety and health, workers should have enough space in the workplace. Only in this way can we ensure the good performance and use effect of the machine. The walkway should be unblocked, the transmission parts should be equipped with protective devices, and the waste should be removed in time

(4) the layout of the work site should be convenient for the supply of materials and the transportation of products

(5) all unused and redundant materials should be withdrawn from the work in time. The 2017 automobile lightweight research report was released to avoid occupying useful space

(6) the design of the parts box should be easy to check the quantity, and its arrangement and placement should be within the normal operation range as far as possible, not exceeding the maximum operation range

(7) the dimensions of the workbench, console and chair should comply with the principles of anthropometry to ensure that the operator can take a good working posture

(8) items should be placed reasonably in the toolbox, with light and precise tools on the upper layer and heavy tools on the lower layer

(9) close connection between upper and lower processes shall be maintained; The operation route should be smooth, and the whole operation should be carried out in an orderly manner without air transportation and backflow

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