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How to apply for Australian SAA certification for lighting products

saa Standards Australia International Limited is the only standards certification body in Australia. The organization was established in 1922 as the federal Engineering Standards Association of Australia and renamed as the Australian Standards Association in 1929. With the continuous development of business, quality assurance services Pty Ltd was added in 1990. In 1999, the organization completely abandoned the nature of the association and has been registered as a company since

electrical products, whether imported or locally assembled in Australia, must first pass the certification of Australian international standards before entering the Australian market. Different electrical products need different product quality certification

all electrical products shall be subject to safety certification (SAA). The inspection organization checks the safety and reliability of electrical appliances through destructive tests on electrical appliances due to the purity of water supply or water quality. For example, under high temperature conditions, electrical appliances are continuously overloaded to check the safety performance of electrical appliances. Water leakage test shall be carried out on the surface of the washing machine to check whether there is electricity leakage. Use the socket of electrical appliances abnormally to see if there are hidden dangers, etc

electrical products entering the Australian market must comply with local safety regulations, that is, SAA certification often faced by the industry. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products certified by Australia can be successfully sold in the New Zealand market

how to apply for SAA certification for lighting equipment and accessories

step 1: send product information (product manual, product picture, specification, model, voltage, power) and company information (company name, contact, contact) to the designated mailbox of electrohydraulic servo universal testing machine: @

step 2: the business engineer usually sends a written price list within 1 working day, and informs the technical documents to be prepared and the number of test samples

step 3: you provide technical data and samples as required, and fill in the certification application form and certification contract in a standardized manner

step 4: product test and inspection report preparation, report approval

step 5: the Australian head office issues the SAA certificate

step 6: paste the SAA certificate number on the product nameplate

step 7: after sales service, the s digital tube displays the AA certificate extension

how long does it take for SAA certification of lighting equipment and accessories

from the application to the approval of the certificate, if the product passes the one-time test, it will take weeks. If it needs your cooperation in rectification, we will arrange the retest in time

what are the main test contents of SAA for lighting equipment and accessories

1, marking; 2. Structure; 3. External wiring and internal wiring; 4. Grounding regulations; 5. Anti electric shock protection; 6. Dust proof, solid foreign matter proof and waterproof; 7. Insulation resistance and electrical strength; 8. Creepage distance and electrical clearance; 9. Durability test and thermal test; 10. Heat resistance, fire resistance and scratch resistance; 11. Threaded terminal block; 12. Screwless terminals and electrical connections

which lighting devices and accessories are mandatory SAA certification

1. Bayonet lamp holder adapter - electrical equipment

(a) for inserting B22 bayonet lamp holder

(b) for connecting flexible wires

(c) there are one or more sockets

corresponding test and certification standards: as/nzs3100 and as3119

2 Decorative lighting equipment - electrical equipment

(a) for decoration, Display or lighting purposes

(b) portable

(c) components

(I) the cross-section of the electric lamp or lamp holder connected by flexible wires is not less than 2.5 mm2

(II) the lamp is in a flexible shell

(d) has a frame or similar support

(E) has a complete power supply or control device

corresponding test and certification standards: as/nzs 60598.1 and as/nzs 60598.2.20:2002

3 Screw lamp holder - Electrical Equipment

(a) the outer diameter of the screw cap of the lamp is mm

but does not include -

(b) the lamp holder whose design is limited to specific equipment

(c) the corresponding test and certification standards of the lamp holder used only for industrial equipment

: as/nzs3100 and as/nzs3140:2007 (until December 30, 2016) or as/nzs60238:2007

4 Fluorescent lamp ballast - electrical equipment

(a) the luminosity of the current used to control the fluorescent lamp discharge circuit

(b) independent or built-in type for use with lamps (portable or fixed)

(c) integral type, with a rated power of 60 watts or less, forming a non replaceable part of the fluorescent lamp/ballast combination

(d) adapter type, Allow the user to insert the insert of fluorescent lamp into the ballast

(E) the capacitor is equipped with ballast

but does not include

(f) the lighting lamp equipped with ballast confirms that it meets the requirements of electrical equipment with safety enhanced protection used in dangerous places

corresponding test and certification standard: overall magnetism (lamp with ballast) And electronic as/nzs61347.1 and as/nzs61347.2.8:2003

other magnetic types: as/nzs61347.1 and as/nzs61347.2.8:2008

other electronic types: as/nzs6137.1 and as/nzs61347.2.3:2004

other LED drive power supplies: as/nzs6137.1 and as/nzs61347.2.13:2013

5 Fluorescent lamp starter - electrical equipment

(a) for starting preheating fluorescent lamp

(b) it is light-emitting starting type

(c) shell with insulating material

corresponding test and certification standard: as/nzs60155:2 is divided into two compartment type and three compartment type 000 (Part I), and the part is modified

6 Inspection Lantern - electrical equipment

(a) lighting for inspection purposes

(b) holding incandescent lamps or discharge lamps

(c) handheld

but excluding

(d) portable lamps have amplification function

corresponding test and certification standards: as/nzs60598.1 and as/nzs60598.2.8:2002

7 Lamps portable electrical equipment

(a) household type

(b) providing lighting or for decoration purposes

(c) equipped with power cord, inlet socket or power supply with complete pin for inserting into outlet socket

(d) used for placing on table or table, or equipped with clip or similar to stand or place on parallel plane

(E) with tungsten wire, Tubular fluorescent lamps or other discharge electric lamps use

(f) it is constructed of human or animal, and its design or material is like children's toys

(g) metal parts require grounding, Or the test certification standard corresponding to the double insulation of live parts (except live parts and all insulated lamp holders):

type of attracting children (refer to Clause (f)

as/nzs60598.1 and as/nzs60598.2.10:1998

as/nzs60598.2.10:1998, which is modified to class III structure, and they are fixedly connected to a safe additional low-voltage source, which is at least 2 meters away from the part attracting children

type with built-in transformer and converter - as/nzs60598.1 and as/nzs60598.2.6:1998

floodlights: as/nzs60598.1 and as/nzs60598.2.5:2002

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