How to apply for CCC certification with CB certifi

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How to apply for CCC certification with CB certificate

China Quality Certification Center (CQC) is a certification body authorized by the national certification and Accreditation Administration to undertake compulsory product certification (CCC), which can issue CCC certificates and marks for more than 100 products. CQC recognizes the qualified CB test certificates and test reports issued by other member countries of the CB system, and takes them as the basis for issuing CCC certificates and CQC voluntary certification certificates

the applicant first needs to register the technical parameters of the tension machine at the CQC station. Then log in to the application interface with your user name and password, and apply according to the prompts of each step. It is difficult to achieve such a long-span transformation in a short time

CQC will require the applicant to provide some relevant documents, such as circuit diagram, general assembly drawing, maintenance manual, photos, factory introduction or quality system documents (when the factory applies for CCC for the first time), CB test certificate and test report, etc. Documents shall be in Chinese or English

if the applicant wants to obtain CCC certificate by using CB test certificate and report, CQC will ask the applicant to provide a prototype for verification when the aging temperature is between 690 ~ 720 ℃, and reserve the right to conduct difference test

according to the requirements of the implementation rules of compulsory certification, if the product needs to be tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), additional prototypes and parts may be required. If the products produced by a factory apply for CCC certification for the first time, the quality assurance ability of the factory needs to be checked before issuing the certificate

emc test and arrangement of factory inspection take an average of two months. CB certificate cannot make the product leverless 61:610=1; 10. Requirements for EMC test and factory inspection

cqc will carry out annual supervision and inspection of the factory according to the requirements of the implementation rules of compulsory certification, and sample tests when necessary, so as to ensure that the certified products and the production conditions of the factory continue to meet the requirements and maintain the validity of the CCC certificate. Relevant government departments will also organize market spot checks

if you have any questions about the application process, please contact the CB Liaison Engineer of each product department or each place. (end)

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