How to appreciate the exquisite packaging of wine

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How to appreciate the exquisite packaging of wine

a bottle of high-quality wine is like a beautiful art, which makes people linger

wine bottle

before the wine is poured out of the bottle, wine lovers can get a desired good impression only from the shape of the bottle

most world-famous winemakers follow the practice of holding different types of wine in different bottle types. In America, each grape growing region uses its own unique bottle to hold wine to distinguish their own products. Over time, a complete system has been formed, which is the practice followed by many famous winemakers

the most common is the real Bordeaux bottle used for dry red grape wine. This kind of bottle is green or brown with straight sides and wide shoulders. Sauternes and Bordeaux dry white wines are usually packed in white bottles, with bottle sizes of 750 mL and 1500 ml. Generally speaking, a bottle of 750ml wine can pour six cups

another red grape software that is often used is mainly used by users to set relevant safety parameters according to experimental items and requirements. The wine bottle type is an oblique shouldered Burgundy bottle (Burgundy should strictly control the molding temperature not to exceed 350 degrees). It has the same capacity as the Bordeaux bottle type, but its color changes a lot, not just brown or green. It is also used to hold Chardonnay wine. Everlasting longing for each other wine or flavored wine. Using this bottle to hold wine shows that its producers want to make a Burgundy style wine

the tall, slender bottle used to hold wines from Rhine, Mosel and Alsace is called a white wine bottle. In Europe, Rhine wines are packed in brown bottles, while Mosel and Alsace wines are packed in green bottles. These wines generally have high acidity

Italian wine has all the above bottle types, but it is mainly famous for its long necked bottle with straw decoration and Chianti

champagne adopts Burgundy bottle, but the bottle wall is thick, and there is a depression called the bottom of the boat at the bottom. The depression and thick wall strengthen the bottle's ability to withstand the pressure generated by champagne. This bottle type also has two thicker and more obvious mouth edges, one of which is used for capping during fermentation in the bottle, and the other is used to fix the cork


cork made of soft oak and bark is a major event in the history of wine. Before the middle of the eighteenthcentury, it was impossible to ripen wine in the bottle

before that, wine was stored in wooden barrels and decanted only when it was taken to the table for drinking. Some wines are shipped in bottles sealed with straw twists, or an oil film is placed on the surface of the wine to separate it from the air

using corks is the best way to not completely isolate the air, which began in the 18th century. The new bottle is placed horizontally so that the cork will not shrink and leak. The cork was first used on the way of port wine to Britain, but it was later adopted by Portuguese and French people to seal the wine

bottle cap

is mainly used to prevent insect contact, but it also plays a decorative role. The commonly used materials are plastic, tin and lead (which have been eliminated and no longer used). Wax is a traditional sealing material, but it is no longer used because of its porosity and cost


trademark is the business card of wine. It is an advertisement, an invitation, and a symbol of family status. It should be very attractive, reflect the quality of wine and provide a visual indication. In any case, it should not be complicated and lengthy, and it must truly reflect the wine in the bottle

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