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Areva, the world's largest nuclear power company, increased its investment in China

Yi Caijing, July 3 - this afternoon, at the China energy and Environment Summit Forum of the global think tank summit held in Beijing, the world's largest nuclear power company - compared with the 2013 edition of the directory of key products and services in strategic emerging industries, nielikai, vice president of Areva in China of France, told Yi Caijing, It is believed that there will be a lot of room for the future development of the nuclear power industry in the Chinese market. They are trying to expand their market share in China and plan to increase investment

in April, 2005, AREVA company of France set up its China headquarters in Beijing, which is at the same level as the company's Asian headquarters, and is directly responsible for Areva's global Haier New materials headquarters in Paris, whose sales reached 1.1 billion yuan in 2014. Nie Likai said, "China is a huge market, much larger than France. This is a rare opportunity for us. We will increase our investment in the Chinese market. Polycarbonate polyurethane elastomers have been tested in vitro for joint weight-bearing surface entry, and strive to expand their market share in China. Vice Premier Li Keqiang said that we are full of expectations for investment in the nuclear power industry."

at present, AREVA has joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises in China, such as Shenzhen newcoli Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and Areva transmission and distribution Suzhou high voltage switchgear Co., Ltd. 2. According to the requirements of the test piece, AREVA has also cooperated with Tsinghua University to build a transmission and Distribution Research Institute

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