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Jinhu tire continues to launch new products to expand the special market for truck tires

in order to take the lead in the highly competitive market, Jinhu tire is a new force in developing China's truck tire market. Nanjing tbr factory is continuing to expand the special market for truck tires

working composition of Jinhu tire Nanjing tbr: 40% Lycra factory is the fourth production base of Jinhu tire in China after the completion of tire factories in Nanjing, Tianjin and Changchun. It covers an area of 300000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 330000 in 2009. It is mainly used in the market of large control slow response passenger cars and trucks

among the tbr products with 10 specifications of 4 patterns newly launched by Jinhu tire, the application of low heat formula greatly reduces the heat generated by the tire during driving, reduces the energy loss, and the rolling supporting tensile fixture can quickly detect the dynamic resistance, thereby reducing the fuel cost. Kra28 tires that can be installed in all wheel positions are suitable for medium and short distance heavy-duty trucks. The high-strength belt brings reliable durability and heavy-duty capacity, and also improves the driving stability; Krd28 installed on the drive shaft is suitable for fixed load vehicles with medium and long-distance paved roads, and its streamlined pattern design greatly improves the service life and driving mileage of tires; The other two types of kmd18 and kfd18 are special tires for tippers installed on the drive shaft. Kmd18 is suitable for medium and short distance heavy-duty tippers, and kfd18 is suitable for short-distance heavy-duty tippers on non paved roads. The application of Jinhu new component technology also makes these two types of tires have better performance, both in durability and reducing fuel consumption

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