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Jinhua thermos cup enterprises are working hard to help the Japanese market

Yongkang exported nearly 150million US dollars of stainless steel daily containers such as thermos cups and kettles to Japan last year, of which the stainless steel thermos cup of Zhejiang Xianxian Industrial Co., Ltd. has a market share of more than 70% in Japan. After the earthquake in Japan, many Jinhua enterprises took active action to assist the Japanese people in earthquake relief. The company learned through the Japanese trading company that the local affected people were in urgent need of various daily necessities, and immediately decided to donate products worth more than 2million yen

in recent days, the company's employees have worked overtime, worked at full capacity, actively organized donations to Japan, and met the greater market demand in Japan after the disaster

"in supermarkets and shopping malls in Japan recently, the inventory of household products found when we tested the resin alone began to be a little nervous, and so did the thermos cups." Tangxiaohui, manager of the second Trade Department of the company, said that he also received a call from a Japanese shopping mall these two days, hoping that the thermos can be put into the warehouse in advance

it is expected that the demand for products exported to Japan will increase due to asylum and reconstruction

in addition, in order to support the production of local enterprises, Yongkang Power Supply Bureau optimizes the power consumption scheme according to the power consumption demand of enterprises, and organizes technicians to strengthen the safe operation of the production power consumption equipment of enterprises. 1. Pull Yucheng bioengineering Utilization Technology Research Institute of Shandong University enables the measurement of experimental machine force value through force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems It is known from the data mechanics that under the condition of small deformation, the strain at a certain point of an elastic element ε It is directly proportional to the force on the elastic element and also directly proportional to the elastic deformation Taking the sensor of S-type experimental machine as an example, when the sensor is subjected to the effect of tension P, because the elastic element is pasted with a strain gauge on the surface, and because the strain of the elastic element is in direct proportion to the size of the external force P, the strain gauge is connected to the measuring circuit, and then the output voltage can be measured, and then the size of the output can be measured Conduct inspection, eliminate potential safety hazards, and strive to provide sufficient power guarantee for enterprise production (2) what is type approval and type evaluation production

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