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Jinhua: the fresh food ban has finally been implemented, and there are still dairy products that have not changed their packaging.

with the arrival of the new year, the dairy "fresh food ban" that has been extended for three times has finally begun to be implemented. However, it is still found that some dairy products are still doing "fresh" articles. In particular, a brand highlighted the content of "100% fresh milk" in its ingredient list with big words, while another brand marked full-fat pasteurized milk and 100% fresh milk on the product type and ingredient list respectively, and others were marked as "fresh milk", "pure fresh milk" and so on. Most products with the original nominal "fresh milk" will still be marked with the word "fresh" in an eye-catching position

I visited many supermarkets and small shops in the urban area and found that milk with the word "fresh" is not uncommon. In this regard, wuhunjin, Secretary General of Jinhua Dairy Industry Association, said: "this problem is difficult to solve. So far, many enterprises' products still use the word 'fresh' on the outer packaging."

according to the regulations, in the future, the names such as "fresh milk" can no longer be used on the outer packaging of dairy products in China, but standard names such as "sterilized milk (milk)" and "pasteurized milk (milk)" must be used

according to insiders, the two extension notices issued by the National Standardization Commission on May 31 and October 31 last year suddenly appeared at the last minute, which caught enterprises by surprise. Therefore, as early as November 2006, the insurance funds of the company, including Bright Dairy, a leading fresh milk enterprise, will be invested in the infrastructure projects under the shareholders, and some enterprises have changed their packaging

the main reason why the "fresh food ban" is controversial is that it is believed to greatly weaken the sales of pasteurized milk, thereby affecting the healthy development of the whole dairy industry. However, according to the supermarket staff, the sales volume of some "fresh milk" brands has not decreased sharply after changing the packaging, and the situation is still stable. "Fresh milk" is changed to "pure milk", and the sales will not necessarily decline significantly, because consumers have recognized dairy products other than fresh milk

"fresh milk ban" has been implemented for 10 days

fresh milk can still be seen on the market

in May 2004, The National Technical Committee for food industry standardization has compiled a guide for the implementation of national standards for food labeling, which stipulates that "processed food (including dairy products) should not be called 'fresh', and the name 'fresh milk' can no longer be used on the outer packaging of dairy products in China, but standard names such as' sterilized milk (milk) 'and' pasteurized milk (milk) 'must be used." After the implementation of the "fresh food ban" was postponed for three times, the National Standardization Administration Committee finally announced that the "fresh food ban" will be officially implemented from January 1 this year. As of yesterday, the "fresh food ban order to select and install jaw clamps" has been implemented for 10 days. How about the implementation? Yesterday afternoon, I visited some large supermarkets in Yiwu City

bright milk has the word "fresh"

the first stop is youjiali zhonglianfa business district chain store. In the milk monopoly area, there are many varieties of normal temperature milk such as Guangming and Mengniu. On the three large sheets of white paper with milk brand and taste, there is no "fresh" milk, most of which are sleeping milk, high calcium milk, pure milk, sweet milk, etc. "There is a kind of milk with the word 'fresh' on the outer package, but it has been sold out today." A staff member said. The second stop is Anjia supermarket. Except for small packages of milk stored in the freezer, the shelves are full of normal temperature milk

then came to PARKnSHOP supermarket. In the freezer of the supermarket, the words "pure fresh milk" were prominently written on the 200 ml and 500 ml outer packaging boxes produced by Shanghai Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd. the production date was January 7, that is, after the implementation of the "fresh ban order", and the quality assurance period was 7 days at 4 ℃

"I don't know about it yet. The milk was sent by the supplier." A staff member surnamed Jiang told him that he immediately picked up the information from the supplier. "I only send normal temperature milk. I didn't send this milk." A supplier surnamed he said in. Later, it was learned that the milk with the words "fresh July 14, 2016 (1) 5 Seminar (2 days)" was sent by another supplier, but the staff did not know the supplier and could not find him

the concept of fresh milk is a little vague

in Anjia supermarket, although I didn't see the milk with the word "fresh" on the outer package, a staff member pointed to the freezer and said, "the milk inside is fresh milk." "There is no word fresh milk on it. How can it be fresh milk?" Ask. "It's fresh milk." The supermarket staff answered

although some of the milk stored in the freezer does not have the word "fresh", businesses say that as long as the milk stored in the freezer is fresh milk. "There is no unified standard for whether the 'fresh ban' is to ban fresh milk or to prohibit the use of the word 'fresh' on packaging." An insider said

the staff member surnamed Jiang said that the shelf life of normal temperature milk is long, usually 6 to 8 months, and the shelf life of fresh milk is very short. In the environment of 4 ℃, the shelf life is generally only 7 days, so most fresh milk is stored in the freezer. Although some enterprises did not implement the national "fresh food ban order", it did not affect the market

consumers have different reactions

a consumer surnamed Jiang said that now there are more and more varieties and functions of milk, including breakfast milk and milk drunk before going to bed. As for the effect, it is difficult to say clearly. Usually, when buying milk, you only pay attention to whether it is fresh or what flavor, and don't pay much attention to others. There are also different views on the issue of "fresh food ban". A gentleman surnamed Li said that just canceling the word "fresh" won't have much effect. Businesses only need to spend a little money to refit the printing equipment, and things will still be on the market. Although the word "fresh" is gone, what purpose can it achieve in the end

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