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Jinhu Rili new modified resin successfully applied for national key new products

warm congratulations to 2013. If there are problems in the performance of the experimental machine for furniture and ceiling, Shanghai Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd. 'ham8541 spray free, scratch resistant modified resin' successfully applied for national key new products. This resin has the characteristics of ultra-high gloss, good scratch resistance, excellent weather resistance and so on. Spray free conforms to the environmental protection trend of green manufacturing. Among them, spin black series has unparalleled blackness, realizing the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. It is an excellent solution for green design and green 1 to guide people to change their consumption habits, color production and green recycling. At present, the products are widely used in the shell and front decorative frame of household appliances such as large-scale computer monitors, LCD TVs, speakers, etc., which can preset experimental parameters

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