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Looking forward to the Chinese market, AREVA power transmission and distribution "packaged" and then set off

from November 12 to 14, people will see the figure of Areva power transmission and distribution, an internationally renowned power equipment expert, at the China International Exhibition Center, because the 2008 China International Electric power exhibition is being held here. In June last year, it also appeared at the exhibition held in Shanghai, but this year it reappeared, which was different from previous years

in September this year, AREVA power transmission and distribution established a strategic partnership with Shanghai Electric Group, a large domestic electrical appliance group, to develop and manufacture contemporary world-class ultra-high voltage, ultra-high voltage and extra large transformers with the deformation amplifier unit of deformation measurement system as one of the main components of the experimental machine, aiming at high-end power transmission and distribution technology. The joint venture project is composed of the established Areva transformer factory in Shanghai and the production plants under construction in Lingang, Shanghai and Yangluo, Wuhan, forming a complementary geographical location between the East and the middle. After the integration of Areva power transmission and distribution and the three factories of Shanghai Electric Group, the production capacity will be increased from the original 30000mva to 70000mva (the expanded production can reach 90000mva). The scope of products independently designed, produced and sold will cover 1200 kV AC transformers with reference value for the selection of the first cycle stress in fatigue test, ± 1200 kV DC converter transformers, smoothing reactors and various special transformers. Together with Shanghai Electric hardness tester, AREVA power transmission and distribution has been given the opportunity to share China's UHV cake

Areva power transmission and distribution personnel said that they would uphold the concept of global standardized quality management, ensure that transformer manufacturers around the world enjoy all the qualifications and technical guarantees of Areva group, and implement and adopt globally integrated technologies and standards. The new cooperation project will adopt the same management team, the same technical design platform and the same level of product services to ensure that customers can enjoy world-class quality

earlier this year, AREVA group also initially invested about 180million yuan to set up a transmission and distribution technology research and development center in Shanghai. The research projects will focus on the most cutting-edge power technologies in the field of transmission and distribution and the largest demand in China, such as UHVDC and AC transmission systems, flexible AC systems and wide area measurement systems. The new R & D center will be fully put into operation next year

in the face of China's annual growth rate of 21% and the world's largest power transmission and distribution market, AREVA power transmission and distribution has been "packaged" and is ready to start again

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