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Jining New Material Industrial Park: planning first, all the way to the "high"

Jining New Material Industrial Park: planning first, all the way to the "high"

October 17, 2018

at the end of September, the research team of the China bank for the sustainable development of the petroleum and chemical industry park entered Jining new material industrial park. As soon as I entered the park, I was surprised that the park management committee, which has been rated as the "top 20 chemical industry parks in China" for five consecutive years, works in a row of simple bungalows. In sharp contrast, it is a row of modern enterprises, roads and pipe corridors extending in all directions, and a clean and tidy park

high starting point design park planning

dongshengping, deputy director of the Management Committee of Jining new materials Industrial Park, told the research group that at the beginning of the establishment of the park, because some small housing and other industries of the public were used, domestic advanced experts from Shanghai chemical industry park were invited to carry out high-standard planning and high-quality construction supporting projects, and the high requirements of "three-level expert review" were used to screen the enterprises entering the park Chinese coatings. The park has been successively named by the national and provincial governments as "China new chemical materials (Jining) industrial base", "China new coal based chemical (Jining) industrial base", "China new industrialization industrial demonstration base" and "graphene industrialization demonstration base in Shandong Province". It has been rated as "top 20 chemical parks in China" for five consecutive years, and is one of the eight demonstration areas for the standardization construction of national chemical parks. In May 2018, it obtained the world's first graphene product certification certificate, and in June, the first batch of high scores were recognized by the provincial chemical industry park

Dong Shengping said that Jining new materials Industrial Park has been aiming to build a high-end materials, world-class, 100 billion industry and ecological circular economy demonstration zone, and has achieved overall planning and reasonable layout with the development concept of "five integrations" - product project integration, public auxiliary integration, logistics transmission integration, environmental protection integration and management service integration. According to the needs of the main chemical projects for water, electricity, gas, etc., the park will be built intensively to form a utility Island, realize the unified supply of energy in the area, and finally form an integrated cleaner production environment through the unified treatment of wastewater and waste

Through high-level planning and high-quality construction, Jining new material industrial park has become a new material park with the most complete supporting facilities, the highest standards, the lowest factor cost and the strongest degree of specialization in the north of the Yangtze River. "The industrial planning of the park has been revised by the Shanghai Engineering Chemical Design Institute, a top national design institute. The intelligent park planning is being prepared to ensure that a blueprint is drawn to the end, which can also be used to drive mold plug to play a leading role in planning." Dongshengping said

high standards require enterprises entering the park

Jining new materials Industrial Park has passed the "three-level expert review" to attract high-level investment, and strict standards have been implemented. According to the goal of the ecological circular economy demonstration zone, it innovated the investment model, focused on four industrial clusters of coal-based new materials, bio based new materials, graphene new materials and high-end fine chemicals, and successively attracted nearly 500 projects. After expert review, there are 42 enterprises with a total investment of more than 50billion yuan, including 4 state-owned enterprises and the world's top 500 enterprises, 10 listed companies, 18 high-tech enterprises, 4 National 863 plan projects, and 80% of enterprises with independent intellectual property rights. They have more than 580 patents in total, and 5 enterprises have participated in the formulation of national industry standards. The two projects have been included in the made in China 2025 guidance plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology, 20 projects were listed in the provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion project library

"The so-called three-level expert review is the abbreviation of a scientific project landing mechanism in our park. All landing projects must go through the preliminary review of the park expert group and the second review of the provincial expert group. If it is still uncertain whether to land, the national expert group will be organized to conduct the final review of corrosion resistance. The review content includes not only economic indicators such as investment amount, tax, shareholder investment ability, but also safety, environmental protection, industrial relevance, science and technology Technical contribution and other indicators ensure the high-end sustainability of the project from the source, which is an encouraging project for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. " Dongshengping said

The Jining New Material Industrial Park attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. From January to August this year, the investment in scientific and technological innovation of the park has reached 700million yuan, with a growth rate of 21.5%, accounting for 3.6% of the total output value of the park. It is expected that the investment in scientific and technological innovation will reach 1.64 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for 4.1% of the total output value of the park

at the same time, the park also attaches great importance to talent introduction and technological innovation. At present, the park has 6 academicians, 4 talents of the national thousand talents plan, 5 leading talents of Mount Tai Industry and more than 150 doctors. For three consecutive years, it has hosted the National Conference on new materials, the new materials industry development forum and the conference of the industry university research alliance of colleges and universities, and signed a series of strategic cooperation agreements with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of chemical technology, Shandong University, Zhejiang University, East China University of technology and other colleges and universities, of which two pilot projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University have successively settled in the park

at present, the enterprises in the park undertake two national 863 plans, the national science and technology support plan of the Ministry of science and technology in 2015, the national key research and development plan of the Ministry of science and technology in 2017, one major scientific and technological achievement award of circular economy in Shandong Province, two Provincial Intellectual Property demonstration enterprises, five provincial R & D and innovation platforms, and 18 high-tech enterprises, with 480 patents

Dong Shengping said that the park will rely on the local coal, water and other resource advantages and industrial advantages of Jining, breed another 2-3 leading enterprises, and follow the industrial development direction of "high-end development, in-depth development and deep processing" to build an advantageous industry with deep industrial relevance, intensive production, resource conservation, eco-environment-friendly, stable and reliable, high-quality and efficient, with a product chain structure that is especially resistant to alcohol spontaneous combustion, Strive to build the park into a park with multiple enterprises with independent intellectual property rights by 2025

the picture shows the staff of Kasai (Jinxiang) biomaterials Co., Ltd., an enterprise in the park, introducing the development of the enterprise to the research group

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