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Jinhu tire adds impetus to the sustainable development of natural rubber industry

recently, the World Business Council for sustainable development (WBCSD) held a ceremony in Singapore, announcing the establishment of the global natural rubber sustainable development platform (gpsnr). Stakeholders in the natural rubber industry include tire and rubber product manufacturers, and automobile manufacturers, suppliers and processors have all participated in the development of the platform. The platform, which also enjoys independent intellectual property rights, is planned and established by the tire industry department (tip) of the World Business Council for sustainable development (WBCSD), and is committed to improving the socio-economic and environmental performance of the natural rubber supply chain

in recent years, with the complete disappearance of the deformation of materials, the growth of the world's population and the development of transportation modes, on the one hand, the demand for tires and its main raw material natural rubber has been expanding. According to the latest natural rubber data statistics of the association of natural rubber producing countries (ANRPC), the global consumption of natural rubber has increased by 6.6%, reaching 10.7 million metric tons. On the other hand, the global planting area of natural rubber continues to expand. With the improvement of the industrialization of natural rubber planting and processing and the gradual diversification of natural rubber investors, a series of environmental and social problems have been caused

it is inevitable that there will be various failures of experimental equipment

it is urgent to establish a global sustainable natural rubber platform to effectively solve the environmental and social problems brought about by the development of the natural rubber industry, coordinate the production of natural rubber, prevent land grabbing and deforestation, protect biodiversity and water resources, increase production, and increase the transparency and traceability of the supply chain

Peter Bakker, President and CEO of WBCSD, said, "the establishment of the platform will greatly alleviate the social, economic and environmental contradictions related to this important commodity. Gpsnr will consider people, communities and natural resources affected by the production and supply of natural rubber - they will all benefit from the platform." To join the platform, we must promise to implement the principle of sustainable development of natural rubber into daily procurement or other business activities. As one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, Jinhu tire has signed an agreement to become a member of the platform and work together for the sustainable development of natural rubber

providing comfortable and environmentally friendly high-quality tires for consumers has been the core concept of Jinhu tire for many years. Especially in terms of environmental protection, Jinhu tire spared no effort to adopt the world's most advanced equipment and concepts and thoroughly implement them, such as establishing an intelligent manufacturing production system in the factory, vigorously developing green manufacturing, and investing nearly 100 million yuan in concentrators, flameless regenerative thermal oxidizers, low-temperature plasma UV photolysis washing system and other most advanced environmental protection facilities. In addition, the wastewater treated by Jinhu self built sewage treatment plant can even be reused for irrigation and other purposes

in the future, Jinhu tire will continue to adhere to intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, truly realize green environmental protection, create a new trend of sustainable development in the tire industry, and add momentum to the sustainable development of the global automotive aftermarket

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