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Jinhu tire promotes energy-saving and environmental protection series products

recently, Jin Jiong, general manager of Jinhu (China) Tire Sales Co., Ltd., said that after the launch of high-end energy-saving and environmental protection tire ecsta in April and providing people with four specifications of ku28 series products for analysis, five specifications of this series will continue to be pushed out in September. 13. Save data: if the experimental data need to save new specifications of products. After the upgrading of this series of products, there are a total of 10 specifications of products, including BMW 5 series and Toyota Camry, which significantly improves the reliability of products, Honda Accord, etc., and further meets the choice needs of consumers

Jinhu tire adopts high molecular silicon dispersion formula environmental protection material, which can significantly improve the wear resistance of the tire and effectively reduce the rolling resistance, so as to greatly improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. Jinhu tire said that environmental protection and energy conservation are the goals that Jinhu constantly pursues. Jinhu tire will strive to set an example and create a green and environmentally friendly world

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