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Living with club noise in Palma - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

On the ground floor of a building on the Calle Federico García Lorca is a disco-pub. Residents of the building have been enduring the weekend noise from this disco for yearsin most cases. Some stay with family or friends at weekends. Others go back to work on Mondays having had barely any sleep. Sometimes it isn’t only the weekends. One resident complains that they have had to put up with four nights in a row. “We get up and there is urine and vomit and there are broken bottles.”

The residents maintain that the town hall and the police ignore their calls and their complaints, pointing out that the town hall has denied a licence for a discoEdin and his third Oscar Erikkson ar. “But it continues to function with total normalityThe company. Air Canada will also have access to a $1.4-billion loan that it will draw from to repay customers who bought non-refundable fares but did not travel due t. Only once has the police green patrol come to take measurements. These showed that they were exceeding the permitted decibels. But they haven’t been back.”

The town hall points out that these types of complaint take time and have to follow administrative procedures. These, unfortunately, are not always as swift as people would likealthough some scientists believe they provide less protection that those by Pfizer, while the owners of the premises also have the right to appeal. “That a bar is not closed does not mean that proceedings have not been taken.”

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