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The hustle and bustle of the city binds us all the time. We want to have a broader vision and yearn for a simple and comfortable life has become unprecedentedly strong

minimalism, a simple but meaningful taste of life, came into being

Roland style doors and windows have always been at the forefront of the development wave of taste, keenly grasped the demand trend of the vast number of consumer groups, and launched narrow edge doors and windows products with a minimalist style

narrow side folding door

have barrier free visual experience at any time

black with a narrow border appears to be capable. Because the border is narrow, it will not produce a great sense of depression, low-key and quiet, showing the charm of minimalist style

black in particular can be dull, low reflection, no harsh reflection, more quiet and comfortable

broken bridge narrow side sliding door

return to nature, minimalism is extremely beautiful

the traditional sliding door has a wide frame, and the field of vision is narrowed. Especially in the middle of the two doors, the wide profile affects the visual experience. Looking at the outside scenery indoors, there is always a lingering sense of bondage and obstruction

Roland style narrow frame series,

uses ultra narrow door leaf profiles,

greatly reduces the proportion of profiles in the field of vision,

so as to obtain a large field of vision,

gives people a comfortable and unrestrained feeling

exquisite life

simple and extraordinary, minimalism is by no means cutting corners. In order to ensure the strength of the door leaf, the wall thickness of the profile is specially increased, and the bending resistance and compression resistance are also excellent

narrow side hidden fan sliding door

panoramic experience noble boundless

narrow side sliding door adopts high-quality pulley, which is more wear-resistant and silent; The door frame groove design provides better sealing performance when the door leaf is closed; The anti swing design on the track can resist typhoons; Silicified wool top is elastic, dustproof and durable


minimalist style not only narrows the profile, but also shows the charm of minimalism from every place

the handle of the narrow frame sliding door is two in one, and the lock and handle are integrated, with exquisite shape

the simpler, the more extraordinary

it seems simple, but in essence, it requires more sophisticated technology and more sophisticated structural design. Roland doors and windows are all made of high-quality accessories, and the structures everywhere are more demanding than traditional doors and windows





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