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Big move! The scale of the exhibition has been upgraded again, and the outdoor exhibition hall of Zhengzhou International Machine Tool Exhibition is in a hot fixed exhibition

big action! The scale of the exhibition has been upgraded again, and the outdoor exhibition hall of Zhengzhou International Machine Tool Exhibition is in a hot fixed exhibition

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with the vigorous implementation of supply side reform and the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises, in, about 22000 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Henan Province had to complete technological transformation with a total investment of not less than 650billion yuan. A series of favorable market and policy environments have given birth to the demand for a large number of high-end intelligent devices in Central China, and the manufacturing market in Central China is unprecedentedly hot

Zhengzhou International Machine Tool Exhibition has received strong support from many well-known exhibitors. So far, some enterprises have been scheduled for exhibition: metal cutting: Taiwan Dongtai, Taiwan Yiquan, Shandong Yonghua, tiewang, gelema, Hengwei, Yangmu, JUGANG, Kuroda technology, Prut, Tianjin, Southern Anhui, China Austria machine tool, Mitsubishi electric machining, YANGSEN, Jiangnan, Qinghong, Tongyang, qiaoyang, Tianjin, Dachuan, Kailan, Pradi, Hexing, etc; Laser sheet metal: Germany tongkuai, bond laser, Baichao Dineng, Pentium truking, high energy laser, Honglei laser, Minglei laser, Lixing laser, Qingyuan laser, Baiwei laser, Donghai, jinweike, Hugong, Zhongya, Huaduan, Jinkun, Hongguang, Huangshi, sharp, etc; Machine tool supporting equipment: Hongdi, Tokugawa turntable, Mitsubishi cutting tools, Xuyang, Taiwan hengwang, hanberg, Taiwan Shangyin, Yaoxin, etc; The number of exhibitors intending to participate and determined to participate in this exhibition has greatly exceeded that in the same period of the previous one. All 35000 square meters of indoor exhibition halls have been sold out, and the scale of the exhibition has reached a record high. The booth is in short supply. According to incomplete statistics from the machine tool project Department of the organizing committee, there are still over 100 enterprises consulting about the booth, and many exhibitors say they will expand the exhibition area to improve the exhibition effect

over the past 14 years, Zhengzhou International Machine Tool Exhibition has accumulated a group of high-quality visitors. Since the opening of pre registration, 24685 people have been pre registered. According to the feedback of the purchasing demand form of the backstage pre registered visitors at present, the manufacturing industry in Central China is in a big gap in equipment purchasing, with strong demand from enterprises and high enthusiasm for visiting. The purchasing demands of some brand enterprises are as follows: Mr. Yutong, Haima and remisalomon also emphasize that Nissan, FAW, Sanhua technology, Yituo, Antu, Tuoren, Weihua, Zhengmei machinery, Jiaoxi company, Hongyuan metal manufacturing, Fu Xiang machinery manufacturing, Zhongzheng precision bearings, Yuke electric and other well-known enterprises will purchase CNC lathes, machining centers, drilling centers, laser cutting machines, industrial robots, grinders, CNC milling machines High precision grinding machine and other sophisticated equipment

the market response is rising. Exhibitors are eager to sign up for the exhibition, and the pre registration of visitors is unprecedented hot. Based on the original area of the exhibition, it is far from meeting the needs of exhibitors and visitors. In order to cope with the current situation of large booth area gap, high demand from customers for participation and strong market procurement demand, the organizing committee decided to expand and upgrade the exhibition after actual research: open the outdoor exhibition hall to meet the needs of new and old customers for participation and visitors' procurement as far as possible, so as to achieve the best effect of participation and visit. The outdoor 1g pavilion has been fully open for reservation. At present, brand exhibitors such as Guosheng, magpant, Baoyu CNC, tanxing, Hanqi, yiduan, and OMAT have completed the reservation of the booth of the outdoor pavilion. Many exhibitors and enterprises have consulted the booth of the outdoor pavilion. At present, 40% of the booth reservations of the outdoor 1g pavilion have been completed

in order to ensure that exhibitors in the outdoor exhibition hall will attract more visitors to the exhibition during the exhibition, the organizing committee will change the traditional visitors' entry mode and make a new plan for visitors' drainage. A number of advertising guide boards are set outside the exhibition hall. After the visitors register and change their certificates, they will take the lead in visiting the outdoor exhibition hall; The organizing committee also matches the exhibitors in the outdoor exhibition hall in advance, and full-time staff will guide VIP buyers and purchasing groups to connect with the exhibitors at the exhibition site, so as to ensure the exhibition effect

the outdoor exhibition hall will be closed on April 28, 2018. The booth selection will adopt the priority reservation allocation principle, and the booth planning will be arranged according to the time when the exhibitors submit the reserved booth. All exhibitors who book outdoor pavilions must submit application forms for participation before the deadline of the exhibition invitation day:

the online submission link is as follows:

or scan the QR code below

this exhibition, whether in the construction of outdoor exhibition halls or in the exhibitors' lineup in the museum, the organizers have timely studied and made positive and appropriate arrangements. Compared with the previous exhibition in Africa and the Middle East, it has made new upgrades and breakthroughs, To a large extent, it ensures the flow of visitors to the museum. After the new outdoor exhibition hall was added, the Organizing Committee convened relevant departments for on-site inspection and discussion for many times, and strictly checked the safety, fire control and other links. Comprehensively improve the operation capacity and service level, upgrade the data system, introduce advanced visitor access control system, improve the security inspection efficiency, ensure the rapid admission of professional visitors, select high-quality partners, define the service scope of partners at the exhibition site, operate in strict accordance with the standard process, and ensure the safety and efficiency of booth design, booth construction, exhibit transportation, cleaning and security of the outdoor exhibition hall

2018 the 14th Zhengzhou International Machine Tool Exhibition will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on June. More than 50000 professional buyers will come to your booth. This material has many advantages - it maintains good chemical corrosion resistance and scratch resistance; Moreover, it has rich color and high surface gloss to meet the diversified aesthetic needs; 100% recyclable, not only environmentally friendly, but also low cost for comprehensive use. The exhibition has been fully opened. Exhibitors who have not reserved a booth for a rare opportunity should contact relevant business personnel for booth pre registration as soon as possible. Zhengzhou International Machine Tool Exhibition will help you open up the central market and expand the central business

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