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Step by step! Watching the "layer upon layer" Guinness World Records challenge site

startling step by step! Watching the "layer upon layer" Guinness World Records challenge site

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recently, a "layer upon layer" game challenged by caterpillar was included in the 2019 Guinness World Records! To learn about the challenge scene at that time

in 28 hours, five cat (Carter) devices, together with their pilots and "commanders", completed the world's largest "layer upon layer" game - more than 6 meters high, with a total weight of more than 8 tons, a Guinness world record

let's meet the "commander" on the scene first

Chad cremeens is the operation manager of caterpillar during the day and the "commander" at night. The team of qiade has been seeking to show the excellent performance of cat equipment through interesting and innovative forms. This time, they decided to challenge the world's largest "layer upon layer" game

preparing for battle

unlike playing ordinary "layer upon layer", this challenge initiated by caterpillar requires a lot of preparation, practice and safety measures. "We spent a long time on the preliminary planning, and the first challenge facing the game is where to get the right wood blocks," chiad said

after a lot of research, the team decided to start an Oregon company, which can provide specially customized wood blocks for the project. Each of the 27 wooden blocks used in the game is 243.8 (3) cm long, 81.2 cm wide, 40.6 cm high, and weighs more than 270 kg! When handling such "heavyweight" building blocks, the safe operation of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. prompts you to pay attention to the following points in the selection of horizontal tensile testing machine: the importance of

during the challenge, five heavy equipment operators competed with mountains of heavy wooden blocks. The goal of this game is to use cat machines and work tools to remove and put back a pile of wood blocks, one at a time, and the stacked wood blocks cannot collapse

12. When the small angle reaches the preset value,

"just like the real construction site, we need to ensure everyone's safety and maintain a high-quality operation level." We can talk about it. This also requires the team to predict various situations that may occur in the game, and then select the most appropriate cat equipment to play

startling step by step

the team first studied "layering" on the desktop to understand the key tricks that may be applied to practical challenges. Five sets of cat equipment, including cat 320e excavator, cat th514c telescopic boom loader, cat 277d multi terrain loader, cat M316D material handler and cat 349e excavator, came on the scene in teams. These machines are known for their control and accuracy in lifting and moving heavy objects

under the command of qiade, the operators operated in turns, moving the bucket, lifting and lowering the boom, rolling the tires, rotating the tread, starting the machine back and forth - or tapping, hammering, pulling, or lifting and placing large wooden blocks, step by step

this big scene version of the "layer by layer" game starts with 9 layers. Each time a building block is successfully removed, the game will become more challenging. The whole game lasted 28 hours, during which 16 blocks were moved, 4 layers were added at the top, and finally 13 layers were built. With a height of about 6 meters, it successfully set a world record

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