The saw saw battle in the hottest recycled PET bot

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The tug of war in the recycled PET bottle chip market continues.

since June, the difference between the basic dynamic fatigue testing machine and servo fatigue in the price of recycled PET bottle chips has remained stable. Although small fluctuations continue, it is difficult to see the big market. Based on the stable market, the operators' mentality is peaceful, but the psychological game between the buyer and the seller is becoming more and more obvious. Cost: this year, the whole bottle market rose against the market trend. Although it is in the peak recycling season, the price of wool bottles is easy to rise but difficult to fall; Demand side: the demand is in the off-season, and the downstream delivery is relatively flat; In addition, due to the downward trend of the monthly Dahua market, it has an impact on the recycled textile market; Although the Dahua market rebounded at the end of July, due to limited efforts, it did not give enough boost to the recycled textile. The terminal market maintained receiving goods, but the trading atmosphere was still lukewarm. Under the mutual restriction of supply and demand, operators are restricted by profits and are cautious in buying and selling

in the short-term market, although PTA is still rising and Dahua rebound is expected to continue, the increase is difficult to predict. Some operators have a slightly higher mentality, but due to many uncertain factors and cautious trading, it is expected that the short-term market will continue to be a seesaw battle


pe domestic PE market is subject to light trading atmosphere, and the overall trading volume is relatively small. International crude oil fell on Friday, and traders' quotations fell steadily in the morning. Subsequently, LLDPE futures had a good intraday trend, and the quoted prices of traders stabilized, Ernst Siebert said. Downstream factories/middlemen are more wait-and-see, and their intention to receive goods with firm offer is not strong

the trading atmosphere in the domestic polyethylene market today is relatively general. On Friday, the decline of international crude oil cast a shadow on the polyethylene market, but LLDPE futures sang all the way in the intraday, bringing support to the polyethylene market. One rise and one fall prompted the price range of the spot market to fluctuate. At present, there is no trend information guidance in the market, and there is no breakthrough in price. Many businesses are waiting to see the introduction of PetroChina/SINOPEC settlement policies

pp pellets

the decline of crude oil continues to restrain the market demand atmosphere. Today, the PP market quotation is stable and slightly loose. Businesses with more goods continue to actively ship and seek for a deal, and some businesses with less goods continue to stand up and wait. The mainstream of wire drawing in North China is yuan/ton, and the overall callback range of the market is small, but the actual transaction generally has room for negotiation. Although crude oil fell back continuously, the stable ex factory price of petrochemicals continued to support the market, and the mentality of businesses was relatively stable. On the other hand, Yangzi Petrochemical and other petrochemical manufacturers will enter the maintenance state in the near future. From the fundamental point of view, the domestic supply and demand relationship has an obvious supporting effect on the recent market. Therefore, zhuochuang believes that the correction range of PP market will not be too large in the reproduction period of experimental results recently, and it is more likely to continue small-scale consolidation

pp powder

although the sharp rise in the external market of propylene has made the domestic price upside down with the Asian price, which has greatly boosted the atmosphere of the domestic propylene market and provided favorable support for the powder market. However, the recent decline of international crude oil has the most significant impact on the market mentality, and the bullish belief of businesses has been shaken. In addition, the downstream demand has not improved, and the market transaction was once depressed. Therefore, according to the current situation, whether the powder market can rebound again in the later stage still needs to pay attention to the coordination of crude oil and downstream demand


today, the domestic EVA market has not changed much. The ex factory prices of Yangba and Beili organic have remained stable. It is said that Yangba has released a small amount of goods into the contract factory, which has reduced the market inventory pressure to a certain extent. However, the merchants hold the original quotation in a multi-dimensional way, and the market speculation price remains; In terms of imported materials, with the recent arrival of ships in Hong Kong, the supply of goods in the market began to increase, and the mentality of merchants was different. Downstream factories mostly purchased a small amount of goods according to the order situation, and there were not many transactions for the time being

bopp crude oil fell back to restrain the market demand atmosphere. Due to the rapid rise of prices in the early stage, a small correction of the market is also expected. Today, the BOPP market quotation was mainly adjusted at a high level, and the high-end prices in some markets were slightly adjusted back to yuan/ton. The traders' enthusiasm for replenishment decreased, actively digested the inventory, and the wait-and-see atmosphere was obvious. There were few firm offers. Today, the quotation range of thick light film in East China is yuan/ton

it will take some time to adjust and digest after the rapid expansion of the plastic market. Therefore, although there has been a correction in the market recently, in view of the cost of raw materials and the low overall inventory, there is limited room for the film price to decline


the orders of the film factory are still increasing, and the mainstream price is maintained at 2200 yuan/ton connected with Bluetooth; In order to prevent the price from going up significantly after a large number of orders are received, some membrane plants began to close the disk and restrict orders. The export price is also rising all the way, and the offer price has been around 2900 US dollars; Zhuochuang predicts that BOPET, which is in short supply, will continue to rise

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