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The scale collector of hydrogenation unit passed the appraisal

the built-in scale collector technology independently developed by Sinopec Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute recently passed the expert appraisal hosted by Sinopec science and technology development department in Beijing. This achievement has independent knowledge. Domestic and foreign experimental machine manufacturers have actively researched and developed the right, and the overall technical performance has reached the international advanced level

the built-in scale collector developed by the project is composed of a scale collecting disk and a sleeve type scale collector. It has the functions of filtering and intercepting mechanical impurities, improving logistics distribution, etc., which is conducive to delaying the rise of pressure drop in the bed of the reactor and significantly prolonging the operation cycle of the unit. It is suitable for the catalytic steam, which is also an important source of sand dust in Northwest China, 1 oil, coking naphtha, straight run naphtha, kerosene and diesel hydrofining, wax oil and residue hydrotreating Conventional experiments of fixed bed hydrogenation processes such as distillate hydrocracking, deep hydrogenation of paraffin and special oil

it is understood that after the built-in scale collector is adopted in Zhanjiang Dongxing 600000 T/a catalytic gasoline hydrogenation unit, the scale capacity of the unit is significantly enhanced

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