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NH series vacuum packaging machines seize the market with advantages

with the continuous development of food processing technology, vacuum packaging is increasingly favored by the food processing industry. The perfect combination of products and packaging can improve the added value of products and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. Vacuum packaging is to use vacuum technology to seal the items that need to be packed in the absence of oxygen; Vacuum inflatable packaging is the packaging that first draws out the air in the packaging bag and then refills it with inert gas, that is, the packaging is carried out after gas replacement. These two packaging methods can effectively prevent food corruption and mildew, maintain the fresh flavor and nutrients of food, and thus achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life

vacuum packaging technology is widely used in the packaging of tea, drugs, aquatic products, electronic components, clothing, precious metals and other items. Solid, powder, liquid and other contents can be packaged in vacuum. NH series vacuum packaging machine is suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, aluminum foil, PVC and heat sealing composite materials and other packaging materials. The machine not only introduces, digests and develops foreign advanced packaging technology, but also takes into account the bearing capacity of the domestic market. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of NH series vacuum packaging when resources are relatively tight:

1 The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the surface is atomized. The shell, case cover and mechanical part of the machine are all made of high-quality stainless steel materials, which are non oxidizing, non rusting, non reflective and fully meet the requirements of food packaging production

2. The machine is attached with movable wheels (two of which can be locked and fixed), which can cooperate with production activities freely to provide "obtain new types of geometry"

3. It adopts the special multi-function valve of the original German vacuum pump, with high vacuum degree and fast air extraction speed, which extends the shelf life of food

4. The operation process is fully automatic. Use a new microcomputer touch system, containing 10 groups of memory, which can be set, replaced and used according to the needs of the product; The machine control panel is represented by graphics, which is simple to understand and easy to operate; When the number on the computer screen changes, the machine can be read immediately after running to any step; The shell structure of the control system is exquisite and does not occupy space; Including special system devices for automatic fault detection

5. Pneumatic automatic cover opening device saves time and effort

6. M-type 6mm double peak sealing line imported from Germany is used, which is firm and beautiful

7. Specially equipped with pressure sealing, thick material and folds can be sealed tightly without air leakage. When it is set in non vacuum, it can be directly used as a sealing machine, which can realize instant sealing, and one machine can be used for both purposes

8. If necessary, it can be equipped with an inflation device (inert gas)

9. In the aluminum profile manufacturing industry, it is easy to maintain and clean, with special valve control and convenient maintenance. (China Packaging News 2000. ▌ 2. The property market foam enters the liquidation period 5.5 Yang Gong)

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