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Ni has launched a new prototype design hardware development kit, which can effectively reduce the development time and cost

for prototype design applications in renewable energy, medical treatment and robotics, the new compactrio controller and five FPGA based chassis are the most ideal choice

Ni recently announced the launch of a new prototype design hardware development kit, which is convenient for engineers and scientists to carry out prototype development of industrial and embedded projects faster, Shorten the time to market and reduce development costs. The latest five Ni compactrio reconfigurable chassis is equipped with Xilinx Virtex-5 field programmable gate array (FPGA), which is the FPGA with the largest capacity and the fastest operation in Ni hardware at present. In addition, the new Ni crio-9022 controller is equipped with Freescale 533 MHz industrial real-time processor, which provides higher real-time processing performance for control applications with high time requirements. The new hardware development kit, combined with NI LabVIEW graphical programming tool, is the best choice for engineers and companies in the initial stage in carrying out industrial and embedded projects such as renewable energy, medical equipment and robot design

with Ni graphical system design tools, engineers can use simple and advanced graphical programming tools and commercially available hardware including FPGA, processor and i/o to design and develop prototypes faster and effectively control development costs. This makes it possible for team engineers with only a few members to quickly develop prototypes to evaluate and prove the feasibility of carrying out the next project

"at first, we used customized embedded solutions to carry out the design process, and cooperated with third-party companies to commercialize our medical devices. When we gradually realized that the cost of the project was too high, we decided to deal with the development process by ourselves. Using LabVIEW and compactrio, we successfully reduced the development cost by 250000 US dollars. In addition, the development time was reduced from the original 24th month to 4 weeks." Barry price, director of business development at kcbiomedix. Kcbiomedix is a famous medical equipment company that has developed innovative equipment that can effectively help premature infants

the new Ni crio-911x reconfigurable chassis combined with LabVIEW FPGA module can help engineers and scientists make full use of the advantages of FPGA technology and commercially available hardware to quickly develop prototypes without customized hardware design. In addition, LabVIEW FPGA technology not only configures hundreds of preset graphical IP cores that can be used for signal processing, communication protocols, control, analog and digital i/o interfaces, but also can be integrated with existing VHDL code or IP, making the development speed faster

the new crio-9022 controller uses LabVIEW real-time module for programming, and can provide more than 600 built-in function modules to quickly handle. Although the product quality of lithium-ion battery diaphragm has been significantly improved at present, it can manage floating point signal processing and control operation, data acquisition, storage and communication, and can integrate the existing ANSI c/c++ code. The controller is equipped with two Ethernet ports, which can be used to handle high-speed network applications and deterministic extended i/o applications, which is an ideal choice for high pass channel number applications. Crio-9022 only needs 9 to 35vdc power on starting voltage, and only needs 6 to 35vdc power input in the operation stage. In remote unattended applications, it only needs batteries or solar energy to last for a long time. For storage performance, the controller is equipped with a high-speed USB interface to connect external USB flash memory or hard disk drive. The crio-9022 can be connected to any 4-Slot or 8-slot chassis of the crio-911x series

thanks to compactrio's lightness and firmness, engineers and scientists can directly deploy prototypes to machines in harsh environments. By releasing hardware and software, engineers and scientists can also reuse the whole design from the original 1. Single arm spring testing machine, which is mainly used in the conventional single pull and compression design stage, greatly shortening the time to market

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