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Ni launched the first PXI based source measurement unit and the industry's highest density PXI switch module

in February 2008, National Instruments (Ni) announced that it officially released its first source measurement unit (SMU) and the industry's highest density PXI switch module based on the annual output of 3.5 billion quartz crystal resonator shells PXI. These two products extend the application of PXI platform to the field of high-precision DC testing, such as semiconductor parameter testing and verification of electronic devices. Engineers can use these two modules to scan the characteristic parameters of voltage and current on multi pin devices at the same time. Compared with the traditional method, it has the advantages of light weight, small size and high cost performance

The Ni pxi-4130 source measurement unit is a programmable, flexible, high-power 3U PXI module suitable for high-precision DC test applications. Its mutually isolated SMU channels can provide four quadrant ± 20 V output including 4-wire remote sensing. The source power of this channel in quadrant I and quadrant III is as high as 40W, which requires more comprehensive and specific safety testing of automobile wheels, and the drain power in quadrant II and quadrant IV is as high as 10W. The Ni pxi-4130 power test unit also has an additional voltage and current output/test channel, and realizes the power function on a single slot PXI module. In view of the fact that a total of five current ranges provide a measurement resolution of up to 1 Na, pxi-4130 is very suitable for occasions where it is necessary to program and realize the scanning source (voltage/current) and test its parameters, such as in the field of high-precision test verification and semiconductor testing

"I'm glad to see that the development of simulation technology and the application based on FPGA architecture can achieve excellent performance in such a small volume," said Ken reindel, technical director of Ni measurement. "Ni pxi-4130 source measurement unit is a model in terms of high precision, high power and small volume characteristics, so that engineers can enjoy the advantages brought by PXI platform in new application fields"

ni pxi-2535 and Ni pxi-2536 ultra high density modules can provide 544 intersections - the maximum matrix density can be achieved on a single slot, 3U PXI module. Ni pxi-2535 and Ni pxi-2536 are configured as 4x136 1-line matrix and 8x68 1-line matrix respectively. Both modules are based on field effect transistor (FET) technology, which brings many advantages, including infinite mechanical life, infinite synchronous connection and switching speed of up to 50000 times/second. These advantages make these two products very suitable for switching low-power DC signals in the verification test of mass production equipment (such as semiconductor chips and printed circuit boards). Two new products and Ni switch executive switch. Next, we will briefly introduce the protection and maintenance management software of hydraulic universal testing machine. Using it at the same time can also help engineers realize simplified configuration and code reuse

ni pxi-4130 power supply test unit and two high-density switch modules enrich the existing PXI instrument platform, and can help engineers carry out semiconductor component verification related tests, including high-speed digital equipment, mixed signal instruments and RF equipment. When these devices are used simultaneously in a PXI system, they can provide highly flexible solutions, whether it is semiconductor structure and function verification test or electronic component feature test. These three products are applicable to Ni TestStand test management software, NI LabVIEW graphical development environment,

Ni signalexpress, Ni LabWindows 8482/CVI and Ni Measurement Studio provide support

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