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Ni, together with RIGOL and Beijing University of information technology, jointly developed a new experimental course of electronic circuits. On May 31, 2012, at Beijing University of information technology, National Instruments (Ni) and Beijing Puyuan Jingdian Technology Co., Ltd. (RIGOL) jointly released their newly developed experimental courses of electronic circuits. Gao Jingmin, executive deputy director of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for electronic information and control at Beixin University of science and technology, Xing Fei, vice president and general manager of marketing department of RIGOL, and Xu Yun, manager of marketing department of Ni China attended the press conference. It also expounds the relevant situation and content of school enterprise cooperation and courseware development. After that, the three parties jointly unveiled this course, marking the official use of this course

Ni company has always been committed to helping engineering education by providing a flexible and efficient platform, combining virtual instruments and advanced teaching concepts. Since its establishment in 1998, RIGOL has been focusing on the field of testing and measurement, adhering to independent research, development and innovation, and has been providing strong support for the enrichment and development of experimental teaching in Colleges and universities. The similar educational concepts of both sides make them hit it off on this project. This new set of electronic circuit experiment tutorial is developed by integrating the traditional instruments such as RIGOL's digital oscilloscope and function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Ni's graphical development environment LabVIEW and Electronic Circuit Simulation Software Multisim

as long as the extension meter is installed, the subcircuit experiment is a basic experimental course for electronic information engineering majors, including some non electrical majors (such as computer, machinery, etc.), and it is an important basic link in the quality training of electronic engineers. Traditional electronic circuit experiments are mainly testing and confirmatory experiments. The single content and fixed form greatly limit the students' initiative, exploration and creativity. This set of virtual instrument electronic circuit experiment based on RIGOL desktop instrument and Ni software LabVIEW and Multisim, jointly developed by Beijing University of information technology, Ni and RIGOL, truly realizes the new teaching concept of electronic circuit from simulation to actual circuit realization, which can be used as the guiding courseware of electronic circuit experiment course, and can also be used as the supplement and enhancement of the existing circuit experiment course, Students can give full play to their initiative and creativity. This courseware includes the content explanation and experimental steps of classic electronic circuit experiments; An example program for the experimental content is provided. In the network community provided by Ni, a special discussion area for courseware teaching and a link for downloading courseware materials are also opened

this course matches the classic circuit experiment course and expands the existing traditional instrument experiment content. The experimental content based on the innovative concept of ni virtual instrument provides reference materials for colleges and universities to deepen teaching reform, innovate teaching content system and teaching methods, and improve students' engineering practical ability. It is another attempt of do engineering concept that Ni adheres to

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