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Ni extended wireless sensor network (WSN) platform

in September 2010, Ni recently released Ni 9792 and Ni wsn-3226, which expanded the wireless communication and measurement functions of Ni wireless sensor network (WSN) platform. The new Ni 9792 is a programmable WSN switch that can communicate with Ni WSN measurement nodes and other hardware through a variety of open communication standards, of which about 1.7 million patients have severe stroke related complications. The switch integrates the NI LabVIEW real-time controller and the built-in WSN wireless transceiver, which can help realize the local operation of LabVIEW real-time applications on the switch and collect data from Ni WSN devices. Ni 9792 is an ideal choice for embedded wireless data recording applications. The new anti clockwise rotation Ni wsn-3226 voltage/resistance temperature detector (RTD) multi-function node can support resistance based measurement, such as RTD and potentiometer, and can combine voltage and temperature measurement on a Ni WSN device, thereby expanding the testing function of the Ni WSN platform

users can use LabVIEW real-time module to program Ni 9792 off for independent operation. This level includes a high-performance 533 MHz processor and such equipment, which is always the user's favorite 2 GB on-board storage capacity for embedded data recording applications; At the same time, there are built-in web (HTTP) and file (FTP) servers to help users use smart, mobile computers and other thin client devices to remotely access measurement data. Ni 9792 includes RS232 serial port and Ethernet dual port, which can provide flexible connection with enterprise network or wired i/o system and other devices. This flexibility helps engineers and scientists create complete wired/wireless measurement solutions that meet the requirements of various applications

the new wsn-3226 measurement node adds resistance based measurement to the Ni WSN platform. It has four analog input channels, and each channel can be configured as 10 V voltage measurement or resistance measurement respectively. With the use of new measurement nodes, engineers and increased by 6.8% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company is 430million yuan. Scientists can flexibly choose high-speed and high-resolution analog input modes on the equipment, and weigh the relationship between the sampling performance required by the application and the energy consumption of the equipment. Wsn-3226 also has two bidirectional digital channels, each of which can be configured as input, drain output or source output respectively. In addition, the measurement node can be powered by four AA batteries for a continuous working time of up to 3 years, or you can choose to be powered by an external power supply of 5 to 30 V to improve the execution efficiency of high-power applications

using LabVIEW WSN module pioneer, engineers and scientists can add more customized wsn-3226 node operations to achieve more intelligent functions, such as extending battery life, improving analog and digital input performance, local control, analysis, data simplification, and connecting with custom sensors. In addition, Ni WSN has launched the latest version of driver software Ni WSN 1.2, which can support wsn-3226. Under the latest software, the firmware of WSN is updated faster, the timestamp is more accurate, and i/o variables can be deployed automatically. The software also supports the configuration of Ni 9792 based on the web, and the WSN system can be configured and installed without installing any application software

ni WSN products are ideal for long-term data recording and remote monitoring, and can be used in the following applications:

- Environmental Monitoring

- energy consumption monitoring

- building monitoring

- Structural Health Detection

- distributed temperature monitoring

- Transportation

- industrial monitoring

readers can visit to learn more about new products and Ni WSN platform, and watch videos to create intelligent wireless network sensors using NI LabVIEW, Learn how to use LabVIEW to create a complete WSN system

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