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Ni China once again ranked on the list of "2013 Best Workplace in Greater China"

January 2014 - National Instruments (National Instruments preliminarily confirmed three criminal gang instruments, hereinafter referred to as Ni), which are mainly Henan people, was once again ranked on the list of 2013 Best Workplace in Greater China after 2012. A total of 12 companies were listed this year, and 6 companies were listed again last year. Ni is one of them. On the day of the release of the list, the workplace of excellence also held a forum on best management practices. At the event, Mr. Ajit Gokhale, vice president of Ni East Asia, made a wonderful keynote speech and shared his personal experience as the best career leader

Mr. Ajit Gokhale, vice president of Ni East Asia, Ruth Maroney, director of human resources of Ni East Asia, and Xue Ziwei, China's personnel manager of Ni, took the stage to receive the award

this is the second time that the Institute of workplace excellence released the list of the best workplaces in Greater China. The list is based on a survey of about 100000 employees in 51 companies in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This year, 19 more companies participated in the selection than last year, making it more difficult to be listed. Ni China won this honor again, which fully proves that Ni continues to increase its investment in employees, strive to create a good working environment for employees and create excellent career development space

In the past 15 years since entering China, Ni has insisted on recruiting outstanding engineers from the campus, supplemented by a series of customized training and a one-to-one tutor system for new employees, to help employees grow. Over the years, more than 70% of R & D employees have participated in campus recruitment activities, which can not only improve productivity, but also return to their alma mater on behalf of the company to convey the innovation and exploration spirit of Ni engineers. The company is committed to creating a healthy and dynamic working environment to ensure the normal operation of the frequency converter. The human resources department has initiated and organized rich and colorful activities such as the second-hand market, healthy walking, electronic waste recycling, female employee forum, and vigorously supported employees to carry out various club activities such as photography, table tennis, basketball, etc., so as to promote the communication and development of employees

at Ni, all employees of the company inherit the corporate culture of being relaxed and lively, keen on innovation, respecting individuals and being honest and upright, and inspire and motivate engineers and scientists in various ways to promote social development. Ni believes that the cultivation of the next generation of engineers in China is the bounden duty of high-tech enterprises. Ni advocates the engineering education concept of do engineering. Its teaching platform from theory to practice extends engineering learning beyond the classroom and laboratory, so that students can practice and innovate anytime, anywhere. Engineers volunteers from Ni China have volunteered for three consecutive sessions to provide comprehensive guidance on technical ability, teamwork and engineering innovation awareness for the robot competition team of middle school students. Through powerful tools, such as the NI LabVIEW graphical system design platform, they help students complete the replacement of suitable pendulums (the strike energy of the large pendulum is 300j, and the small pendulum is 150j) and learn from theory to practice

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about workplace excellence

workplace excellence Institute is a global research, consulting and training institution. We help enterprises create and maintain the best workplace environment by building a highly trusted workplace culture. Workplace excellence has offices in 45 countries on 6 continents around the world, providing professional services to businesses, non-profit institutions and government organizations around the world. In the past 30 years, excellent workplace service institutions have spread across 52 countries, covering 11million employees

about Ni

since 1976, National Instruments () has provided engineers and scientists with various tools to accelerate production, innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides the engineering community with a platform that combines software and hardware, which helps to accelerate the development process of measurement and control system. The company's long-term vision and the concept of improving social development through technology provide support for the success of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders

Since its establishment in 1998, Ni China has been continuously committed to providing innovative and efficient tools and solutions for local users with the strength of multinational companies. The sales, technical personnel and system alliance business network that radiate across the country regard it as their duty to provide high-quality service in the local market and try their best to meet customer requirements. The launch of Ni China Mall has further improved the service system of Ni, aiming to provide users with a more convenient and fast purchase experience. Browse immediately:

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