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Ni cooperates with Shanghai University to develop a 5g high reliability and low delay test platform for v2x communication. As a supplier committed to providing platform-based system solutions for engineers and scientists to meet the world's most severe engineering challenges, Ni (National Instrument Corporation of the United States, national instrument China still needs to go a long way) announced today that it plans to cooperate with Shanghai University, Develop 5g high reliability and low delay communication (urllc) test platform for car coupling (v2x) applications

vehicle contact, especially for applications such as autonomous driving, must provide ultra-high reliability and require extremely low delay. In view of the conflict between these two requirements and the unpredictability of mobile wireless channels, a real-time experimental test platform that can help researchers prototype their ideas is crucial to their success. The test platform planned by this cooperation will be based on Ni's flexible software radio (SDR) platform and 5g new air port urllc reference design

ieee fellow, Xu Shugong, distinguished professor of Shanghai University and Dean of Shanghai Institute of advanced communication and Data Sciences, said that Shanghai University and Shanghai have been committed to becoming leaders in promoting the field of automotive technology, especially in the fields of intelligent vehicles and v2x communications. We are glad to take advantage of Ni's expertise in 5g wireless system prototype verification and work with them to promote the development of v2x communication

ni RF research and SDR marketing director James kimery said: Ni's flexible SDR platform is being used by researchers in industry and academia to further study and test 5g communication. We are glad to cooperate with Shanghai University to explore low latency applications such as v2x, which are crucial to 5g ecosystem

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ni() the software centric platform integrates modular hardware and a huge ecosystem to help engineers and scientists cope with various challenges. This proven method allows users to define what they need completely autonomously. Recently, the company signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Management Committee of Zhuhai Development Zone to accelerate the system design of testing, measurement and control applications. Ni solutions can help users build high-performance systems that exceed expectations, quickly adapt to changes in fixture support, including swing frame 5, and fixture requirements, and ultimately improve our lives

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