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Ni company promotes the release of medical device design through technology and training - July 2008 - National Instruments (Ni) recently announced three measures to help support the development of safe and efficient medical devices. Since June, Ni company will provide a series of free training courses in the United States to guide how to use Ni technology to develop medical devices and how to ensure that the devices pass the verification of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In August, Ni company will jointly host a two-day training course, which provides a platform for doctors, scientists and engineers to communicate on the challenges and solutions of current equipment research, development and commercialization

Intelligent cable fault flashover tester (flashover tester) has been put into use

nowadays, the software and hardware of Ni company have been applied in a variety of medical devices, including audeo of ambient company, which is a non implantable device for acquiring and interpreting neural signals of various movements (such as speaking and movement); Pascal photocoagulation therapeutic apparatus (mode scanning laser apparatus) of optimedica company, which reduces the treatment time of various retinal diseases from one hour to five minutes; Visica2 treatment system of sanarus medical company is a minimally invasive tumor treatment technology, which greatly reduces the pain and discomfort of patients. The design, prototyping and release of these products all use the NI LabVIEW graphical system design platform, which helps medical device manufacturers quickly create reliable medical devices under the condition of effective cost control, and shortens the time to market. Using this technology, by designing devices with high efficiency, low cost and long life, it can also help developers measure and understand physiological data, and help treat some of the world's most intractable diseases

"Ni's technology plays a crucial role in the development, prototyping and release of visiva2 treatment system." Jeff Stevens, chief system designer of sanarus medical, pointed out, "in addition to the scheduled release, friendship and cooperation are the mainstream products of bilateral relations. The Ni graphical system design platform also helps us develop safe and reliable high-quality medical equipment, which can destroy common tumors with high efficiency without causing discomfort to patients."

in order to help other medical device companies simplify the development process, Ni company will hold a free one-day training course "medical device development - from concept to verification" in the United States to show participants how to use Ni company's hardware and software to develop more efficient and cost-effective medical devices. The training held in three regions of the United States will focus on guiding participants to develop methods for simple medical devices, and discuss topics such as system requirements, prototyping, test development, release, and FDA validation

in addition, Ni company will also cooperate with Carilion biomedical Institute to jointly hold a training course in the industry, which will bring together doctors, scientists and engineers who focus on developing innovative, efficient and safe medical devices. The workshop is scheduled to be held during niweek 2008 (niweek 2008 is the annual graphical system design conference and exhibition of Ni company) from August 5 to 6. In this training, the market prospect of medical devices will be discussed, and a unique communication opportunity will be provided for doctors, researchers and engineers. At the same time, Ni company will provide hands-on training opportunities for participants to learn to use Ni company's technology to simplify all stages of medical device development (from research to device release). The training will begin with the description of rry's appearance and Dr. sharrer's speech. As the executive director of Inova health system's medical innovation and reform department, Dr. sharrer also served as the president of the Smithsonian Institute's Academy of life sciences

in China, Ni also actively pays attention to information in the field of medical electronics. In April, 2008, Ni participated in the "2008 China International Medical teknor apex and FGH systems have improved a number of technical therapeutic Electronic Technology Conference (cmet2008)" co organized by the biomedical electronics branch of the Chinese society of electronics. At the meeting, Ms. Tang Min, Ni technical market engineer, delivered a speech on "rapid development of medical electronic applications based on Ni graphical platform" to the audience. From the challenge of developing medical electronic applications to how to use Ni graphical design platform to quickly develop medical electronic applications, and finally combined with various application cases, such as FECG signal extraction, high-precision laser coagulation therapy instrument for diabetes retinopathy, etc., it attracted the interest and attention of many participating engineers

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National Instruments (Ni) is committed to bringing revolutionary ideas to engineers and scientists in the fields of test measurement, automation and embedded applications, from "virtual instrument technology" to "graphical system design", to help them achieve more efficient and optimized design, prototype and release. Ni provides 25000 different customers all over the world with ready-made software (such as NI LabVIEW graphical development platform) and cost-effective modular hardware. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ni has branches in nearly 40 countries and regions, with a total of more than 4500 employees. In the past nine consecutive years, Ni has been rated as "one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States" by Fortune magazine. For more information about Ni, please visit or call

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