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Ni held physical training for the students participating in the 2013 national virtual instrument competition. The release - January 2013 - was hosted by the China instrumentation society and the Steering Committee for Instrument Science and technology teaching in Colleges and universities of the Ministry of education, The second national virtual instrument competition co organized by National Instruments (Ni) held the physical training station of the national virtual instrument competition in the virtual instrument Joint Laboratory of national instruments at Capital Normal University on December 30, 2012

After the training, the organizing committee selected Beijing, Tianjin and Xi'an as the physical training cities with uneven product structure. The relevant research results of the Beijing railway station have obtained seven authorized invention patents. Cuijianping, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the competition, and Wang Lin, an application engineer of national instruments, provided training and Q & A for the team members in Beijing. Nearly 40 students from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Capital Normal University, Beijing Institute of architecture and engineering, Beijing University of technology and other universities participated in the training. Through the virtual instrument entity training, the participating students better understand the significance, requirements and schedule of the national virtual instrument competition, and obtain professional guidance on the technical problems in the process of completing the work

during the training, Secretary General cuijianping focused on introducing the registration of the 2013 virtual instrument competition, the selection process of the competition, the provincial school level competition and other matters to the students participating in the training. Wang Lin, an engineer from Ni company, introduced in detail the software and hardware platform provided by Ni for the participating teams from the technical level. First, engineer Wang Lin introduced the development history of LabVIEW and the performance of each version, and recommended the participating students to use LabVIEW 2010 version for software design. Later, in order to better answer the questions of the team of the comprehensive group, engineer Wang introduced the relevant products and application cases of PC based data acquisition platform, modular PXI platform and embedded measurement and control platform, so that the participating students are more familiar with the characteristics of the Ni hardware to be used, so as to submit better works. Finally, engineer Wang recommended the school data download and network interactive exchange platform to all the students who participated in the training, including GSDZONE, etc

engineer Wang Lin is doing training

this physical training was highly praised by the participating students. Many students actively communicated with the staff of the competition organizing committee and engineer Wang Lin after the meeting, asking about various problems encountered in the process of participating in the competition

about the 2013 national virtual instrument competition

[registration] the competition has completed the registration of the participating teams on October 31, 2012. More than 1300 teams from 120 colleges and universities across the country, more than 3000 students, including more than 150 teams from 14 colleges and Universities in Beijing

[training] the Organizing Committee of the competition held five trainings on October 18, 2012, including the development and utilization of a series of high-performance plastics and composites such as low-density plastics, micro foamed plastics, carbon fiber/long glass fiber reinforced composites, which significantly improved the effect of vehicle weight reduction. They explained the overview of the national virtual instrument competition, LabVIEW programming skills (primary), LabVIEW programming skills (Advanced) Programming and application of Embedded Measurement and control platform and data acquisition and application

for more details, please visit the official website of the competition:

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