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Ni grandly launched labview8. Guo Shunxi pointed out that and labview8 Chinese document version

National Instruments Co., Ltd. (Ni) announced the launch of an important upgraded version - labview8 and labview8 Chinese document version. This version brings a new function suite of distributed intelligence, which enables Embedded designers and test and control system engineers to use the same graphical platform to synchronously realize the functions of network data transmission, real-time communication and alarm, event and data recording, etc

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labview8 has outstanding new features, which provides a new project-based environment (LabVIEW project) To develop and manage large-scale applications after several 10 tests; Labview8 has express technology to simplify instrument control and data acquisition, and uses the provided LabVIEW instrument to drive the finder to automatically identify the connected instruments, shortening the first measurement time; Labview8, together with the data acquisition driver software ni-daqmx8 launched at the same time, provides a data acquisition i/o server and a new USB automatic generator; Labview8 combines design, simulation and physical measurement, and uses a customizable system to quickly carry out prototype design; Labview8 introduces the distributed intelligent industry. The company's latest thermoplastic carbon fiber composite (CFRTP) technology measurement and control system provides a variety of control methods. Using the existing FPGA based i/o platform, engineers can directly implement control and logic algorithms on FPGA without learning complex VHDL programming

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labview8 includes major upgrades to LabVIEW real-time module, LabVIEW FPGA module, LabVIEW PDA module, and LabVIEW data recording and monitoring module.

Ni provides versions of labview8 in different languages as living conditions change, including French, German, Japanese, and Korean. This is the first time to launch a simplified Chinese version of LabVIEW document

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