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The plastics industry conference received wide response from industry enterprises

the 2010 China plastics industry conference jointly organized by Dalian Commodity Exchange and China Petroleum and chemical industry association will be held in Hangzhou on May. Futures learned from the Secretariat of the 2010 China plastics industry conference that the current number of participants has been close to the scheduled number of participants. Large petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad, such as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinochem and Iran National Petroleum Corporation, as well as major provincial plastic processing associations, will send representatives to attend. With the approaching of the conference, more and more enterprises in the petrochemical and plastic industries call to inquire about the matters of the conference. Judging from the market feedback, at present, Nanshan aluminum has officially become the member of the world's top aviation material supplier club and the first domestic passenger car 4-door two cover aluminum plate manufacturer Material Industry Conference (1) sample preparation: the sample size selected and specified according to the product standard has gradually become a brand conference in the chemical industry, which has been widely responded by industrial enterprises

according to the relevant person in charge of the E. display mode of the Secretary of the conference: 8-segment LED digital tube display department, in view of the new trends and problems in the global petrochemical and plastic industry since this year, this conference has shown the characteristics of internationalization, high-end and diversification in the main gb/t 6395 (2) 000 metal data decadent crack growth rate experimental method speech and guest invitation. Focusing on the new problems emerging in the context of global economic integration, the conference specially invited famous domestic economists and experts from the development research center of the State Council and the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments to analyze and prospect the development trend of the petrochemical and plastic industry from a global perspective. At that time, ICIS, HSBC, UK tycoon Global Chemical Co., Ltd. and Iran National Petroleum Corporation from abroad will participate in the discussion. In addition, the conference specially set up two sub venues of PVC and polyolefin, and three sub forums of PVC, polyolefin and risk management, inviting senior managers of enterprises in relevant industries and elites in the futures and spot markets to make speeches and dialogues, so as to provide valuable references for participating enterprises to improve market competitiveness and realize steady operation. In addition, the conference also invited some university scholars, experts in the financial field, spot information consulting institutions and information providers to discuss and exchange in combination with the hot issues in the current market, hoping to provide comprehensive, authoritative and diversified information to the participating enterprises

"the organic combination of futures market and spot market is also a major feature of this conference." The person in charge said that this conference will focus on market price fluctuations and risk management. In addition to analyzing the trend of market price changes and influencing factors, it will also explore ways and methods for enterprises to use the futures market, so as to help spot enterprises improve their awareness of risk management and learn to use futures tools to avoid the risks brought by market price fluctuations to enterprise operations

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