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Ideal prospects for plastic industry enterprises grasp investment opportunities on the afternoon of May 17, 2009, the 23rd China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (chinaplas2009) held a press conference in the Baiyun VIP room of Pazhou Pavilion. Zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi group, said that in the context of the global financial crisis, Chinap's immediate elimination of Las would be a good investment opportunity for stable enterprises, and Yashi, as the host, will also strive to help its customers and manufacturers make effective investment

the scale of this Chinaplas is basically the same as that of last year's Shanghai exhibition, and there is also a 30% increase compared with the previous year's Guangzhou Exhibition. Yesterday was the first day of the exhibition, and hundreds of visitors from various countries will arrive today. In addition, many visitors will take the train to the exhibition hall because the flights are full. He predicted that the scale of chinaplas2010 Shanghai exhibition next year would have a significant increase

November last year was the most difficult period for the global economy. Many manufacturers had difficulties in loans, and their intention to invest in new machinery and new fields was also significantly reduced. Until today, Chinaplas was launched, and I finally agreed with Liang Jun, director of the standards management office of the science and Standards Department of the National Accreditation Administration, who said that he would settle down with the suspense, because from the feedback of exhibitors, the market prospect was still optimistic

chairman Zhu Yulun said: since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the Chinese government has successively issued various market rescue measures, including the 4trillion investment plan, the revitalization plan of ten major industries, and many times raising the export tax rebate rate, which have strengthened the confidence of Chinese rubber and plastic enterprises

in view of the current situation of slowing exports and frequent occurrence of trade barriers, chairman Zhu Yulun suggested that China's domestic demand market is very large, and all export-oriented enterprises can shift their focus to the domestic market. He took the footwear industry as an example: China accounts for 67% of the global market share, but at present, the average annual cost of shoes by Chinese people is 1.8 pairs/person, while that in the United States is 8.7 pairs/person and that in Europe is 7.8 pairs/person. In addition to the great potential of the market itself, the policies of government departments in recent years to improve people's quality of life and increase investment in basic facilities such as education, housing and medical treatment have also played a positive role in encouraging domestic consumption

data show that in the first quarter of this year, the amount of bank loans from Chinese enterprises reached 4.6 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below), which was significantly higher than the 5.8 trillion yuan of last year. This shows that China's economy is gradually stabilizing and warming up. At the same time, the Chinese government also encourages bank loans. Therefore, enterprises should strive to do a good job in environmental protection and energy conservation and the development of new products and technologies, increase the added value and technical content of products, strengthen confidence, seize opportunities, actively respond to the financial crisis, and prepare for the next economic boom

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