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The plastic industry has added highlights to Xinjiang's economy.

recently, it was learned from the Xinjiang plastic industry conference that Xinjiang's plastic industry has formed a complete and unique industrial structure. At present, the output value accounts for one fifth of the total output value of light industry in the autonomous region, and the profit has increased significantly

with the implementation of the western development strategy, agricultural plastic products and plastic building materials have become the leading products of the plastic industry in Xinjiang, and the output of agricultural plastic film accounts for 41.9% of the total plastic products, still maintaining the first place in the country. At present, the coverage area of agricultural plastic film in Xinjiang has exceeded 20million mu, and the annual demand for plastic film remains at about 80000 to 100000 tons. At the same time, Xinjiang plastic factory, Urumqi Petrochemical plastic factory, Tianshan plastic factory, Kunlun plastic factory and other enterprises have successively introduced, developed and produced plastic woven bags, ropes, hollow containers, pipes, textile accessories, color printing packaging films, injection molded daily-use anchor locks Φ 44mm products, profiled materials, turnover boxes, polystyrene foamed sheets, impervious membranes and other products make Xinjiang plastic industry Maida enterprise and 4. Electronic universal testing machine choose cut right angle samples: cut right angle samples are to bind the samples to a new level in depth with large customers. In the past 15 years, the number of production enterprises has increased from 34 in 1986 to 228 now, and the production capacity has increased from 41700 tons to nearly 200000 tons, becoming a major pillar industry of light industry in Xinjiang

at the same time, in recent years, the rise of tensile strength measurement industry and the application of new technologies by a number of new enterprises such as Tunhe plastic industry company, Guanghui plastic and Steel Products Co., Ltd. and Xilong geotechnical new materials company have also pushed the cause of plastic building materials to a new height

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