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China's plastics industry is expected to resume double-digit growth in the second half of this year.

according to the prediction of China's largest plastics industry association, after jumping out of the obstacles of the global economic crisis, China's plastics industry is expected to resume double-digit growth in the second half of this year

liaozhengpin, chairman of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA), headquartered in Beijing, said that as China's total GDP growth slowed to 6.1%, the growth rate of the domestic plastics industry in the first four months of this year also fell to 9.3%. However, there are signs that, driven by the government's stimulus plan and other factors, the growth of the plastics industry in the second half of this year is expected to return to the level of more than 10% in the experiments of simply supported beams and cantilever beams

Liao Zhengpin made a speech at the press conference held during the NPE

however, he said that China's plastics industry still faces challenges, such as a significant technological gap with developed countries

he said that China's economy will continue to rely on "advanced foreign technology" to promote development, so he called for strengthening technological exchanges with foreign countries

Liao Zhengpin said that Chinese enterprises still need to invest heavily in R & D and get rid of the production of low-value products relying on cheap labor

he said, "China still lacks high value-added products."

according to the statistics of China Plastics Association, China's plastic processing announced six new qualified "white list" enterprises. The industry was hit hard by the economic recession in developed countries, and China's exports of plastic products to the United States fell by 18.5% in the first quarter of this year

during the same period, exports to the European Union decreased by 17.3%, and exports to Japan declined by 7.7%

however, China's domestic economic growth offset the decline in exports, including the government's massive stimulus package and the reconstruction of Sichuan Province after a strong earthquake last May

Liao Zhengpin said that with the rising costs in coastal areas and the Chinese government's efforts to promote the development of underdeveloped western provinces, the growth of the plastic industry has also been transferred from coastal provinces such as Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu to improve production efficiency, and the operating steps of the impact machine have been transferred to central and western provinces such as Inner Mongolia and Guizhou

he said that construction products and other industries are growing, such as sheet materials, pipes and profiles, which recorded a new growth record of 32% in 2008

he said: "plastic production is still growing continuously or even rapidly, and the market demand is still strong."

Liao Zhengpin also revealed some of the arrangements of the plastic Association for the Chinaplas to be held in Shanghai from April 19 to 22 next year

he said that the Plastics Association plans to hold a summit meeting with leaders of the Japanese plastics industry and a joint press conference with leaders of the American Plastics Industry Association headquartered in Washington, D.C

in addition to the China International Rubber and plastic exhibition, he said that industry leaders from Chinese Mainland will also hold an industry summit with their counterparts from Taiwan in Taipei next March

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