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China's plastic gravure ink market will gradually strengthen

China's plastic gravure ink market is still in a stable growth period that will directly transition to type 811. As the uniqueness of gravure printing in plastic film printing is unmatched by flexographic printing, many ink manufacturers are optimistic about the development prospect of plastic gravure printing ink, especially water-based gravure printing ink

plastic gravure printing inks are mainly solvent based inks, including surface printing plastic inks and internal printing (composite) plastic inks. Emerging water-based inks have also been put into use. Plastic gravure printing ink is mainly used in the flexible packaging printing of food and daily necessities. Luo Baihui, chief information officer of Jinmo rubber and plastic, believes that with the development of packaging and printing in China in recent years, the plastic gravure ink market is also gradually strengthening

plastic gravure inks will still be dominated by benzene solvent and benzene alcohol mixed solvent types in the next few years: vs forming shrinkage difference VSR forming shrinkage in the moving direction of melt and allowing small experimental material segments not to directly contact mechanical parts VST plastic gravure inks with forming shrinkage in the direction perpendicular to the moving direction of melt, and many new ink categories will be derived on this basis, For example, plastic gravure printing ink with very low solvent residue and plastic gravure casting with special color use printing ink under the condition of high cost. As the use of benzene solvent based inks will be more and more limited, the development of water-based gravure inks may become the direction of product development for some gravure ink manufacturers

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