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Plastics industry, bargain hunting opportunities for carbon development

in view of the possible slowdown in economic growth next year, industrial investment and mergers and acquisitions, or the negative growth of the load system of the electronic tensile testing machine, at the 2010 6th China Plastics Industry Development (International) forum held in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, pan Derun, director of the Advisory Committee of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, pointed out that as an important part of the new material industry, The market prospect of the plastic industry is still very attractive. Improving the industrial concentration and enhancing the strength of enterprises, especially no matter what. At present, Jinan experimental machine is the strength of technological research and development, which is of great significance for the sustainable development of the plastic industry. Green and low-carbon is the only way for industrial development. Panderun pointed out that controlling the vulcanization characteristics of each batch and even every hour of rubber requires the rotor free vulcanizer to assist plastics as an important part of the new material industry, which is not only among them, but also inseparable from other emerging industries. In particular, engineering plastics are the leading products of new plastic materials, which will have a broader development space in the future. It is expected that they will face rare development opportunities during the "12th Five Year Plan". However, he also believes that although China's plastic industry is booming in both production and sales, the industry's lack of innovation capacity leads to low profit margins, insufficient investment in industrial technology and scientific research, and insufficient motivation for subsequent development. In particular, the R & D investment in the plastic products industry accounts for only 0.38% of the total industrial income, which is a big gap compared with the international investment of 3%

Ma Zhanfeng, Secretary General of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, also said that the plastic industry has maintained a development rate faster than the national economic growth. The demand squeeze has been released in the late stage of the international financial crisis this year, and production and sales have performed well. It is estimated that the annual output of plastic products will exceed 50million tons, with an increase of more than 18%, much higher than the increase of about 10% in 2008 and 2009. If there is no accident, the eleventh five year plan will come to a successful conclusion this year. Ma Zhanfeng believes that under the current circumstances, plastic enterprises should not only increase the technical content of products, but also take the road of energy conservation and efficiency increase in order to improve the profit margin. Generally speaking, the power cost of plastic processing enterprises accounts for about 30 ~ 50% of the total product cost. If the power consumption is reduced, the production cost will be greatly reduced and the competitiveness of enterprises will be improved. At present, the scale of plastic processing enterprises is generally small, and it is difficult for a single enterprise to significantly improve the level of energy conservation and emission reduction due to the impact of technical level and capital. To this end, China Plastics Association is actively promoting the contracted energy management projects of plastic processing enterprises, hoping to gather a number of small and medium-sized enterprises under high pressure to do energy-saving projects, which can significantly reduce the threshold of energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises, so as to improve the overall energy-saving level of the plastic processing industry

it is reported that this forum is co hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Light Industry Federation and Yuyao Municipal People's government

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