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Plastics helped win the 2009 International Design Gold Award work

polymer resin helped many products - including advanced medical equipment, two-color injection molding consumer electronics and an amphibious sports aircraft - win the 2009 International Design Excellence Award (idea)

many gold medal finalists in this design competition used plastic parts. The competition is held once a year and is hosted by the American Association of industrial designers in Dulles, Virginia. Sponsors include BusinessWeek magazine and autodeskinc. in San Rafael, California The company and targetcorp. in Minneapolis Company

andrewhartman, chairman of the jury, and 20 designers and judges from all over the world selected 31 gold award works, 47 silver award works and 72 bronze award works from 1631 shortlisted works from 37 countries. Hartman is the new business design director of philipsdesign, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

the following is a list of gold awards related to Plastics:

iconaircraft Inc. in Los Angeles The company, nissandesignamerica in San Diego, troyleedesigns in corona, California, IDEO in PaloAlto, California, and the Art Center Design Institute in Pasadena, California spent $139000 to develop a two seat icona5 folding wing amphibious aircraft, which won the gold medal in one fell swoop

they use carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites to make a high-strength lightweight fuselage. When towing is required, the 34 foot wingspan can be folded to 8.5 feet. The plane measures 22 feet in length

the four cylinder 912uls engine cooled by air and water is developed and supplied by the company Tilly in gunskirchen, Austria, with chromium oxide grinding paste. Its maximum speed is 120 miles per hour and its flight mileage can reach 345 miles

this aircraft landed on the market in June, 2008, bringing entertainment and explosive sports flight opportunities to many people belonging to the category of sports pilot license and light sports aircraft issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2004

trashtalk high-performance basketball shoes with ecological design adopted by Nike won the grand prize of the whole court due to the resistance to avoid the pressure and twists of the swing rod. Nike, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, used production waste to make the shoes, and with the cooperation of stevenash of the Phoenix Suns, the design of the shoes was more sustainable

its developers include kaseyjarvis, andreasharlow, freddojan and danjohnson of Nike, who use thread color cards, suture directions and suture shapes as design tools

because the computerized zigzag stitch is used to connect small pieces of leather waste and synthetic leather to make the upper, so many stitches are covered on the shoes

the regenerated foam block is molded into a sole interlayer. The outsole is made of green rubber with 20% recycled content. The labels on the shoes are cut from waste shipping boxes and hung with nylon yarn

this shoe was launched in April, 2008, and it costs about $100

the electronics branch of SamSung group in Seoul, South Korea won two gold awards for its entertainment products using non spray two-color injection molding technology

junhoyang, minhyoukbu and yunjekang designed what SamSung group called "the world's smallest smart LED TV", which was launched in January this year. The TV screen is only about 1.2 inches thin

different from the traditional colored surface coating, this environmentally friendly molding technology adopts synchronous injection molding technology, uses transparent materials to make a variety of parts, and also uses another material containing translucent dyes, which can produce different shades according to its thickness

this Samsung HD LED TV is divided into three series, with a total of 11 models. The diagonal length of the screen is 32-55 inches, and the price is $1600-4000. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf

another gold award work of SamSung group, bd-p4600 Blu ray disc player, was also launched in January

this $399 product uses synchronous injection molding technology in its design, mixing ABS and polymethyl methacrylate injected with translucent dyes with transparent polycarbonate. The developers said that the design "looks like a glass work of art, with natural color as its main tone."

this disc player is about 1.5 inches thick and supports 802.11n local network wireless access. The models are divided into vertical, wall mounted and desktop to meet the installation needs of different families

the heroes of developing this product are jaehyungkim, yunjekang and koungwonpark

carbondesigngroupinc. in botell, Washington The company relies on pathwaymedicaltechnologiesinc The company and nanopointinc. in Honolulu The medical and scientific design developed by the company won two gold awards

the award-winning design of carbondesign and pathway is an easy to understand pathwaypv micro realization lightweight system, which is more important. Atherosclerotic tissue fragments and vascular thrombosis in patients with peripheral arterial disease were removed through a rotating catheter. This method can make patients who receive blocking treatment avoid leaving external foreign bodies in the body due to surgery

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